How to choose the school desk and chair manufacturer correctly?

The use of school desks and chairs will have a greater impact on schools and students, so there are many aspects that need to be paid attention to when configuring desks and chairs. So how to correctly choose school desks and chairs manufacturers?

How to choose the school desk and chair manufacturer correctly

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1. First of all, before we choose the school desk and chair manufacturer, we can conduct a systematic inquiry on the manufacturer on the Internet, so that we can have a certain basic understanding of the manufacturer, but we need to pay attention to not blindly believe that its online Because they are basically beautified, they are not necessarily true. Therefore, after having a basic understanding, you can conduct on-the-spot inspections in several favorite manufacturers, so that you can see more intuitively. The strength of the manufacturer.

2. Then we can observe more about the scale of the manufacturer during the on-site inspection, such as its production equipment, technicians and processes, etc. Generally, manufacturers with sufficient strength are relatively complete as a whole, and their requirements are relatively high. Therefore, from these aspects, it can be seen whether the manufacturers of school desks and chairs are good or not, so that the selected products can be guaranteed enough and avoid unnecessary hidden dangers and troubles to themselves.

3. Because desks and chairs are used more frequently, and the users are mainly students, but the school’s procurement itself also has certain restrictions, so the quality of school desks and chairs is more valued by everyone, so school classes Table and chair manufacturers must ensure that their quality is good enough, but some damage will inevitably occur after a period of use, so its after-sales is very important, so when choosing a manufacturer, pay attention to whether it can provide good after-sales.

Several tips for purchasing school desks and chairs

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1. The color of school desks and chairs should not be too bright

When choosing school desks and chairs, many people think that they should choose brighter and more active colors, or choose a lot of cartoon patterns according to children’s preferences, etc. They feel that bright and bright colors help children form optimistic and lively characters. . However, some agency tests have shown that the brighter the paint color, the more heavy metals such as lead it contains. This is mainly caused by the lead compounds contained in the paint pigment, so the brightly colored school furniture has a much higher content of harmful substances than ordinary ones. Therefore, when purchasing desks and chairs, remember to ask the manufacturer for the school furniture paint inspection report to check whether the desks and chairs are qualified.

2. School desks and chairs with environmentally friendly materials should be selected

The wood material maintains the original color of the wood, which is natural and rustic, environmentally friendly and healthy, and most of them belong to good school furniture. Most of the non-wood materials are synthetic materials with fashionable appearance and low price. However, due to the application of some chemical materials in the material synthesis process, they have hidden dangers of environmental protection. It is recommended that consumers choose natural wooden school furniture or some well-known brands of non-wood desks and chairs as much as possible when choosing.

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3. Be careful to buy the material of the metal edge

Many desks and chairs are decorated with shiny aluminum edges, but most of the metal edges are sharp, and children are likely to scratch their hands when they touch them. Now more and more plastic edges are used. And some of the metal that acts as a support for the frame, the sharp corners are installed inward to minimize the possibility of children touching. Like screws may also have sharp metal edges, which requires special hardware fasteners to cover sharp screws in classroom furniture.

4. Choose less furniture made of glass

Generally speaking, desks and chairs are not suitable for use of ordinary glass materials, because the glass is fragile, and the sharp edges and corners formed after shattering can easily cause injury. If you want to use transparent materials for reasons such as aesthetics, the designer recommends using tempered glass or organic sheets instead.

The above is the introduction of how to correctly choose the school desk and chair manufacturer and the skills of purchasing desks and chairs. I hope it can be helpful to everyone. Whether it is choosing a manufacturer or a desk and chair, you can choose the right one.