What are the factors that affect the quality of desk and chair sets?

There are many kinds of desk and chair sets on the market, the price difference is large, and the quality is also uneven. If you choose cheap ones, the quality cannot be guaranteed. There are many factors that affect the quality. If you want to buy good quality products , we must first understand the factors that affect the quality of desk and chair sets.

Process factors affecting the quality of desk and chair sets

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1. Welding wheel diameter

The diameter of the welding wheel determines the diameter of the nugget. As the new welding wheel is ground again and again, the diameter gradually becomes smaller, the contact area between the desk and chair and the steel strip is reduced, the current density is increased, and the pressure on the welding point is increased. Also added, so the diameter of the welding wheel cannot be too small.

2. Welding current

The influence of the welding current of desks and chairs on the heat is a quadratic relationship. As an adjustable parameter, it can be selected according to the thickness of the welded steel strip. The factors that affect the actual current change are the fluctuation of the power supply voltage and the resistance of the secondary circuit. In order to ensure that desks and chairs are not affected by external conditions, it is necessary to adopt a constant current control system.

3. Welding time

The welding heat of desks and chairs is proportional to the welding time, but the power-on time is controlled by the speed of the welding wheel. Generally, no adjustment is required. Even if the adjustment is made, only small-scale adjustments are required.

4. Touch resistance

The biggest influence on the occurrence and spread of heat is the resistance of the touch surface of the steel belt. The main factors affecting the touch resistance are the cleanliness and roughness of the touch surface. If the touch surface of desks and chairs has oxides or dirt with high resistivity layer, which will add resistance, and if only part of the dirt or oxide is present, will make the current spread unevenly, so the touch surface needs to be kept clean and tidy. If the touch surface is rough and uneven, the desks and chairs will form part of the touch point, and a large current will occur at the touch point, and the touch resistance will increase due to the reduction of the current channel.

2. Factors affecting the quality of desks and chairs

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1. Deliberate destruction: Deliberately destroying, stepping on desks and chairs, hitting desks and chairs with hard objects, or carving on desks and chairs with sharp objects, even the best quality desks and chairs are easily damaged, resulting in deformation or falling apart. directly affect the shortening of its service life.

2. Improper maintenance: If you encounter strong corrosive detergents, the tables and chairs will be corroded. After a long time, the tables and chairs or the main frame will rust. Rust will cause the material to become thinner and directly affect the product quality.

3. Inadequate cleaning: If it is not cleaned for a long time during use, it will cause residual oil on the desk. If it is not cleaned regularly, it will cause the desktop to be corroded.

4. Pulling and pulling: Sometimes the school needs to carry or move the desks and chairs for activities. When moving, the desks and chairs must be lifted and moved.

The above is the entire content of the process factors and use factors that affect its quality. The process factors include welding wheel diameter, welding current, welding time, touch resistance, etc., and the use factors include deliberate destruction, improper maintenance, and inadequate cleaning. Pull hard and so on.