What are the factors that affect the safety of desks and chairs?

The use of desks and chairs is generally used in schools and some educational institutions or families. The audience is students. Children from kindergartens to college students will use desks and chairs, so desks and chairs are safe. It is really important. If poor safety has a great impact on students, then what are the specific factors that affect safety?

The material influence of desks and chairs

1. With the changes of the times, there are more and more types of materials for making student desks and chairs, so there are certain safety problems in their materials, whether they are wood, plastic, or steel. The quality of these materials is uneven. Some poor materials may contain some formaldehyde substances or some adhesives. Such desks and chairs are more or less in use. All will cause some impact, which may affect your health.

2. Preventive measures: If you want to prevent this situation, you need to choose a good manufacturer. In addition, pay attention to the materials of the desks and chairs. The materials need to choose environmentally friendly and healthy materials, so that the safety is higher when they are used. We can grow up healthily. How to choose environmentally friendly materials? It depends on whether the manufacturer has relevant qualifications. Not only must there be a certificate of qualified and convenient quality, but also a certificate of environmental convenience and occupational health and safety management. These are all very important.


The overall structure design influence of desks and chairs

1. In addition to materials, the overall structural design of student desks and chairs also has certain safety issues. The corners of the desks and chairs are too sharp, or the edges of the desks and chairs are not smooth, etc., which will cause safety hazards. Students It may cause accidental injury during use.

2. Preventive measures: For this situation, we need to design the overall structure and pay attention to details. For example, the corners of tables and chairs can be designed to prevent pinching and rounding, and the edge design is smoother and rounded, only to meet these requirements. The required student desks and chairs can ensure the safety of student desks and chairs, and their structural design is reasonable enough. Students are not only comfortable enough to use, but also can ensure that their student desks and chairs have a longer service life. Therefore, attention must be paid to the structural design of student desks and chairs.


The size of desks and chairs

1. Because different students have certain differences in their height and body shape, there will also be greater differences in the use of student desks and chairs, so student desks and chairs with inappropriate sizes will also exist. There are certain safety issues, such as improper size can cause students to have hunchback and myopia, which is not conducive to the healthy growth of students.

2. Preventive measures: In order to avoid such phenomena, students’ desks and chairs must be designed in accordance with ergonomics. In addition, choose desks and chairs of appropriate size according to the age group, regardless of the height or width of the desks and chairs. And so on, we need to pay attention, and we must also pay attention to correcting students’ wrong learning postures.

The above is the entire content of the factors that affect the safety of desks and chairs and preventive measures. From the above content, it can be seen that whether it is the material of student desks and chairs, the design structure or size of student desks and chairs, etc., it will affect It is safe, so you must pay attention to choosing the right one when choosing to avoid causing harm.