How to choose a student desk and chair manufacturer?

Currently during the summer vacation, the school will start to consider purchasing a new batch of student desks and chairs for students to use after the school starts. We have also introduced to you how much a set of student desks and chairs cost and what are the factors that affect the price. But if you want to buy high-quality and low-cost student desks, chairs and other office appliances, it is recommended that you directly find the manufacturer is your best choice, but there are many such manufacturers in the market, so you must choose the right manufacturer, so how to choose Student desk and chair manufacturer? What factors need to be considered when choosing a manufacturer? As a professional school office furniture manufacturer, Aoyang will introduce some to everyone, so as to avoid getting into misunderstandings and being fooled.

1. Desk and chair manufacturer with good reputation

The first is to choose a manufacturer with a better reputation. Maybe we will encounter some rumors in our daily life that the quality of a certain product is not good at all. Good reputation, this is what we would say to XX. They have a good service attitude and good quality, so when choosing a manufacturer, we must choose a manufacturer with a good reputation and high reputation.

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2. The manufacturer’s manufacturing capacity

Large manufacturers produce the entire set of desks and chairs by themselves. Welding, spraying, and panel injection of steel pipes are all done in their own factories. Such desks and chairs manufacturers have price advantages, reliable quality, and high production speed. Restrictions, especially during peak seasons, if other people’s factories are busy, the delivery time will definitely be extended.

The second is the production equipment, because good production equipment can produce good products. This can be done by the manufacturer on site. It is recommended not to consider the equipment that is too old or outdated.

Therefore, when we choose a manufacturer of student desks and chairs, we suggest to go to the manufacturer’s production workshop and take a personal look at the manufacturer’s hardware strength. Take a panel workshop as an example. Normally, we need 10 or 20 injection molding machines, and the cost of the machine is only. It will cost several million, and it is definitely difficult for manufacturers without some strength.


3. Look at the manufacturer’s service attitude and after-sales

There is also the attitude of service. Now the competition between any industry is not only on products, but the attitude of service can better reflect the degree of attention to customers and products. For example, the current Haidilao hot pot, although the price is high, but It is highly praised by the public. Because they provide good service and basically consider customers everywhere, the service attitude is also very important; after all, the after-sales service of desk and chair manufacturers is an important part of it, and then it is the protection of consumer rights, because Any product will inevitably have some small problems during the use process, and these problems need to be dealt with after-sales by the manufacturer.

Because the desks and chairs will be damaged after a long time of use. Many times need to buy some accessories to repair them before they can be put into use again. This is why we choose the desk and chair manufacturers with high quality and thorough accessories.

The above is a simple sharing on how to choose a student desk and chair manufacturer. Generally speaking, regular student desks and chairs are in stock, and unconventional desks and chairs need to be customized. The off-season order time is about ten and a half months. The peak season is more than one month in advance, and the factory direct sales price is favorable, eliminating the link of middlemen