How to choose the material of student desks and chairs?

Tables and chairs are indispensable household items in daily life. Whether it is our office use or students’ study, we need to choose carefully. Why should students choose their desks and chairs carefully? Because the students’ minds have not matured yet, many parents are more concerned about the school supplies and desks and chairs of the students. For example, how to choose the different materials of the desks and chairs, will it hurt the students, and will it affect the height development of the students? Are there any inconveniences to use? As a professional school office furniture manufacturer, Aoyang will introduce the selection method of desks and chairs for students with different materials.

1. Glass desk and chair table top. The advantages of this type of desk and chair board are flat, scratch-resistant, easy to scrub, beautiful and environmentally friendly. The disadvantage is that it is not wear-resistant, non-slip, not hot and fragile.

2. The stainless steel desks and chairs have the advantages of being flat, wear-resistant, scalding, and easy to scrub. But compared to the fireproof board desktop, it is of lower grade and single color.

3. Melamine desks and chairs desktops, its advantages are flat, beautiful and environmentally friendly. The disadvantage is that it is not abrasion-resistant, non-slip, not scratch-resistant, not resistant to scalding, not easy to scrub, and easy to fade.

4. FRP desk and chair table top, the advantage of this kind of desk and chair board is flat and cheap. But relatively speaking, the disadvantages are that it is not wear-resistant, non-slip, non-scratch-resistant, not resistant to heat, and its variability is not environmentally friendly and fragile.

5. Fireproof board desks and chairs desktop, its advantages are flat, wear-resistant, non-slip, scratch-resistant, scald resistant, easy to scrub, not easy to fade, beautiful and environmentally friendly, but the lack of fireproof board desktop is the high price.

6. Safety, carefully check the material and workmanship. It is important to choose products that meet quality standards and meet national requirements. If it is a non-standard student desk and chair, it is extremely detrimental to the growth of the child.

7. The height of the desk can grow with the growth of the child’s height, that is, it can be adjusted in height. In other words, make sure to choose fully functional student desks and chairs. While helping students learn, they should have the functions of preventing myopia, hunchback and correcting sitting posture.

8. The desk should conform to the children’s learning rules, and it should be suitable for writing, as well as for reading and recitation. To achieve these two requirements at the same time, the desk angle of the desk must be adjustable.

9. The design of the desk fully considers safety. Although the desk is a product that emphasizes functionality, the items that children use every day must be environmentally friendly. The desk angle of the desk must be adjustable and the desk must conform to the children’s learning rules.

The above is an introduction to the selection methods of student desks and chairs with different materials. During the prevention and control of new coronary pneumonia, the placement of desks should pay attention to increasing the spacing, and the above points should be considered while increasing the spacing. It is hoped that major colleges and universities can make personalized adjustments to the height of students’ desks and chairs every semester, so as to ensure that every child can get desks and chairs that match his height.