How to choose the desks and chairs suitable for children? should pay attention to these aspects

In our daily life, we often see such a situation. Children lie on the dining table or sit on the bed to do homework and study, some because of the space constraints at home, and some because the parents do not pay enough attention. These seemingly inconspicuous little things are closely related to the child’s academic performance and physical health, so don’t be careless! Parents, do you know how to choose the right desk and chair for your child?

1. Security

Since it is a product for children, first of all, safety must be guaranteed. Whether it is from the material or the overall design of the product, safety must be considered. Remind parents, don’t be deceived by some bells and whistles, if you really don’t know how to choose, try to choose some big brands. Generally speaking, big brands have good reputation, and quality and safety are guaranteed.

2. Functionality

A high-quality children’s desk chair must be ergonomically designed. The height of the desk and chair should match each other. In the process of using it, children can develop a good sitting posture and use their eyes scientifically. When purchasing, it also depends on whether the desks and chairs can be adjusted. Of course, it is good to adjust according to the height of the child, and it can match different heights.

High Quality School Table with Chair

3. Ease of use

In the reading stage, children need stationery books and other items, and it is equally important if the desk can be equipped with a good storage function. Moreover, during the adjustment process of the desk, to see if it is convenient for children to adjust by themselves, without the help of parents, it is still a lot of peace of mind!

4. The desk material

Students are the flowers of the future of the motherland, and their physical and mental health is naturally our top priority. For the desks and chairs that they frequently come into contact with, the materials selected must be healthy and harmless.

The materials of desks and chairs are diversified, which can meet the various customized needs of customers, such as ABS environmental protection engineering plastics, multi-layer boards, high-density edging boards, oak finger joint boards, hollow blow molding boards, environmental protection E1 grade boards, etc.

Single Desk Chair

The stool legs and table body are made of thickened steel pipes and thickened high-quality materials, which double the service life and are durable; the welding places adopt seamless welding technology, which will not oxidize and not easily fall off the paint, which can maintain the long-term use of the table and chairs!

From product quality, raw materials, welding, spraying, installation and other key production processes are strictly controlled, the desks and chairs produced are waterproof and moisture-proof, non-fading and non-painting, safe, non-toxic and more environmentally friendly!

5. Pay attention to product after-sales

In addition to basic requirements, desks and chairs are also important indicators for purchase in terms of style and after-sales service. Good manufacturers follow the principle of “customer first” and provide customers with “worry-free after-sales” service guarantee.

The above are a few suggestions on how to choose desks and chairs suitable for children. Aoyang has launched single/double desks and chairs, plastic desks and chairs, adjustable desks and chairs, combination desks, multimedia training desks, and study chairs in the reading room.. …. and other styles, in addition, there are many colors, the important thing is that you can customize with drawings and samples, and support a variety of mid-to-high-end styles customization! High-quality services and high-quality products have been recognized by many schools, educational institutions, teachers and parents of students.