How to extend the service life of student desk and chair sets?

The school desk chair sets are the desks and chairs used in school during the student period. Generally, they are made of plastic materials, wood, steel, steel, and so on. The school will choose the appropriate desk according to the actual situation. The chair set is used, but there are often some reasons for the damage of the student desk and chair during use, resulting in the short life of the student desk and chair, so is there any way to extend the service life?

1. From the perspective of consumers of student desks and chairs, whether it is high-priced or low-priced, they hope to be able to use them for a longer time and reduce investment in this area. Price is not important, but quality is important. Schools should grasp the procurement access standards for desk and chair sets, the allocation and use standards for desks and chairs, daily hygiene management, and monitoring of the teaching and living environment, and strengthen supervision.

2. Change the one-sided pursuit of the traditional concept of “tidy and uniform, easy to manage” desks and chairs, and improve the scientific cognition of school leaders and teachers on the implementation of national standards and the ergonomic configuration of desks and chairs. In contrast to national standards, each class in all primary and middle schools is adjusted according to the actual height of students sitting, and the mismanagement and use of desks and chairs are rectified. Only good management will naturally last longer.

3. When students use desks and chairs, the school should ask them not to step on them as much as possible. Use sharp objects to scratch the desk, legs and other parts of the desk. Care for the desks and chairs so that the service life will be long.

4. If there are any loose screws in the desks and chairs of the students, please tighten them in time. Avoid the long time, the position of the screw hole becomes large and deformed, which is not easy to repair.

5. Pay attention to maintenance, clean in time during use, and apply a layer of varnish every few years to keep the color fresh and durable.

6. When using student desks and chairs, they should be selected in a place with relatively boring air circulation, away from fire sources or wet walls, to prevent sun exposure. Otherwise, the appearance of the desks and chairs of the desk and chair manufacturers will be prematurely aging, which will affect the service life.

7. When there is dust on the desks and chairs, try not to wipe it with water. If necessary, use a soft cloth to wet it. Do not use alkaline soap, water and detergent to wipe it to prevent affecting the brightness of the paint or causing peeling paint and water. The bottom should be wiped dry in time to avoid rusting when some steel desks and chairs come into contact with water.

8. When cleaning the classroom, you should lift the desks and chairs from the ground for cleaning, reduce the movement of desks and chairs, don’t push and pull hard, prevent the legs from being scattered or damaged, prevent frequent contact with water, and prevent rust.

9. Do not store corrosive solutions such as strong acids and alkalis on the desktop.

10. Regular inspections. The school should regularly inspect the screws and welding parts of the desks and chairs to ensure the safety of the desks and chairs, so as to ensure the service life.

The above is the whole content of how to extend the service life of student desks and chairs. In fact, if you want to extend the service life of student desks and chairs, do a good job of inspection and maintenance, pay attention to the use environment, timely cleaning and maintenance, and in the process of use. It is very important to pay attention to protection, etc., so that the service life can be long.