How to remove the peculiar smell of plastic steel desks and chairs?

Desks and chairs are the basic facilities of a school. If a school does not have desks and chairs, then students cannot study. Therefore, desks and chairs are very important, because the society now compares students’ study life and school facilities. Pay attention to it, so now the school’s infrastructure is relatively good, and it will be replaced regularly, and the school will even be renovated. These are relatively common, especially when the desks and chairs are inappropriate or are damaged. They will be replaced, but the new desks and chairs will have some smell. Whether it is plastic steel desks and chairs or wooden desks and chairs, there will be peculiar smells, so how do we remove these peculiar smells?

1. Natural ventilation

This method is to put the desks and chairs in a ventilated place, and use the flow of air to take away the peculiar smell of the plastic steel desks and chairs or the harmful substances such as formaldehyde. However, this method is relatively time-consuming and takes a long time to achieve expectations effect.

2. Vinegar and ventilation

Find a container with water and pour an appropriate amount of white vinegar, and then place it on the desks and chairs. The container is filled with cold water. This will not only protect the coating surface of the wall from the evaporation of water, but also absorb and eliminate the remaining desks and chairs. Peculiar smell.


3. Deodorant cleaner

Under normal circumstances, deodorant cleaners can remove harmful gases emitted from newly decorated houses and new furniture. It is reported that these deodorant cleaners are generally imported products, which use ammonia compounds to chemically react with harmful substances, thus playing a role of deodorizing and cleaning. You can pour this deodorant cleaner into the dish, place the dish next to the desks and chairs, and combine with the scrubbing method to effectively remove irritating odors or formaldehyde odors after a few days.

4. Plant removal method

In our lives, many green plants can effectively adsorb formaldehyde in the air, and play a role in removing formaldehyde or peculiar smell. For example: Phnom Penh Chlorophytum, Tiger Pilan, Lupin, Aloe Vera, Evergreen Teng and so on. Placing a few pots of these plants in the classroom can not only remove the smell of formaldehyde from the desks and chairs, but also make our classrooms full of green vitality, which is a good way to kill two birds with one stone.

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5. Deodorizing method of pineapple

The way to deodorize pineapple is to put a few pineapples next to each set of desks and chairs, and put more on large desks and chairs. Because pineapple is a crude fiber fruit, it can not only absorb the formaldehyde smell of the desks and chairs, but also distribute the pineapple’s refreshing fragrance, speeding up the removal of peculiar smell, which has the best of both worlds, but the cost is a bit high and it is not practical.

6. Air purifier method

Air purifiers are also called “air cleaners”, which can absorb, decompose or transform various air pollutants, generally including dust, pollen, peculiar smell, formaldehyde and other decoration pollution, bacteria, allergens, etc., which can effectively improve air cleanliness degree.

7. Activated carbon method

Activated carbon is a kind of porous carbonaceous material. It has a highly developed pore structure. The porous structure of activated carbon provides it with a large amount of surface area and can fully contact with gas (impurities), thus giving activated carbon its unique adsorption performance. Make it very easy to achieve the purpose of absorbing formaldehyde. So as to achieve the effect of removing the formaldehyde smell of the desks and chairs. Activated carbon can also adsorb benzene, toluene, xylene, ethanol, ether, kerosene, gasoline, styrene, vinyl chloride and other substances.

The above is the whole content of how to remove the odor of plastic steel desks and chairs. In fact, if you want to remove it, the simpler method is to use the window ventilation method, but this kind of treatment is suitable for the winter and summer vacations in school. If it is urgently needed, it is still The effect of using an air purifier and ventilation treatment will be better. That’s all for the sharing of the editor of Ute today. If you have any questions or needs, you can leave a message or call for consultation. Ute welcomes your consultation and message!