How to install the auditorium soft chair? Installation steps method introduction

Auditorium chairs are a very common seat in our lives. They are often used in meeting rooms, auditoriums, etc., and even seats in many public areas now use auditorium chairs. More and more people like the auditorium chair. There must be something unique and something worthy of appreciation. Although the types of auditorium chairs are different, the installation methods are still the same. In fact, the introduction to the installation steps of the auditorium chair is still very detailed. As long as we can install it correctly and do a basic test, it will also be beneficial to the long-term application of the auditorium chair. Today, I will introduce how to install the auditorium soft chair and how to install it.

The installation process of the auditorium soft chair is a work with a certain technical content; after the parts of the seat are sent to the installation site, first check whether the parts are complete. The large parts include the chair frame, cushion, backrest, etc., while some small parts are included. The components are the key to the installation. Whether the screws are the size required for the installation is also very important whether the site is a wooden floor or a concrete floor; therefore, on-site installation is also a tedious and technically difficult task.

Multimedia classroom soft chair

1. Install the seat

We need to use screws to install the relevant seats and do points, and then install the armrests on both sides, we must ensure the stability of the installation of the armrests. Because many of the chairs in movie theaters are row-by-row, but have separate armrests, fixing work must be done well.

2. Install the bracket and guard plate

The installation of the bracket and the guard plate in the installation steps of the auditorium chair are very critical, so special attention must be paid to the fixing work. You need to install the bracket on the armrest frame, then you need to use suitable plastic nails to fix it, and then insert the guard plates of the two armrest frames.

3. The backrest link

After completing the other parts of the link, you need to determine the link of the backrest position, and also need to have the anti-skid position fixed. Because the fixed position of each auditorium chair is different, the screws used are also different, so be sure to fix the position of the backrest.

Auditorium chair

4. Fixed on the ground

Because of the different types of auditorium chairs we choose, there will be some differences in the installation steps of the auditorium chairs. Therefore, we must pay special attention to the fixed position. Generally, the position of the tripod can be specified first, or after the assembly of the auditorium chair is completed, the fixing can be carried out, so that a good application effect can be guaranteed, and the fixing can be determined. The stability.

5. Adjust the size and adjustment of the auditorium chair

(1) Test the size of the auditorium chair and repair it, and check whether all of it is tight.

(2) Use 8*55mm screws to fix the foot cover to the ground, and then cover the blind cover.

The above is an explanation of the steps for the installation of the auditorium chair. What needs to be reminded is that in the installation process, in addition to measuring the installation site, drawing lines and punching holes, it also needs the ability to adapt to changes, such as the wooden floor used on the site. The thickness is too thin, should you consider changing to another type of screw, etc.