Material description and advantages of student desks and chairs

We all know that traditional desks and chairs are made of yellow wood. The legs of the desk and the desktop are nailed together with nails, and over time, there are potholes on the desktop. Later, in order to protect the service life of the desks and chairs, the school All wrapped up with tablecloths. But now there is no need to worry about desks and chairs so much. Its material is resistant to aging, moisture-proof, flame-retardant and has many advantages. The following school office furniture manufacturers will give you a detailed introduction to the commonly used materials and advantages of student desks and chairs!

Common materials for student desks and chairs

1. The frames of the desks and chairs are all made of high-frequency welded steel pipes with a wall thickness of 1.2mm or more, the main support frame steel pipe wall thickness is more than 1.5mm, and the surface of the steel pipe is electrostatically sprayed, which is characterized by strong adhesion and good richness. The surface of the spray coating is fine, smooth and mechanically good.

2. The class bucket of the desk is usually formed by one-time stamping bucket. The surface of this material is smooth and seamless, and the safety is high.

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3. The desktop version uses 18mm fireproof board veneer, which belongs to the post-forming board and has good properties such as heat resistance, wear resistance, smoke resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and impact resistance, and the veneer color of this material is brighter , loved by students.

4. The back and seat surface of the chair are made of multi-layer veneer bent board bottom plate, and the surface is pasted with fireproof board, which is formed by hot pressing. This material and process has good gluing performance, durability, high strength, realistic texture, smooth surface and beautiful color. Its thickness is 12~14mm. One-time forming PVC, hollow plastic and other materials are also commonly used materials for chair surfaces and can be used.

5. The desks and chairs of the general amphitheatre are made of melamine board, which has the properties of heat resistance, acid and alkali resistance, smoke resistance and impact resistance. The support frame of the main body is made of steel pipes with a wall thickness of more than 2mm, and other parts are made of steel pipes with a thickness of more than 1.2mm. There are soft and hard seats for the flip plate.

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The advantages of student desks and chairs

1. The high-frequency welded steel pipe used in the main body is like a plastic steel window, which will not deform or deteriorate even if it is exposed to wind, sun and rain, and its service life can reach more than 15 years.

2. The legs of this desk and chair are wrapped with foot covers, so students will not make noise when they move, and will not affect the learning of other students.

3. The surface of the table and chair is smooth and no nails are exposed, and it will not hang on the students’ clothes, with high safety performance.

4. The desks and chairs made of this material will not deteriorate or deform when exposed to water, which is convenient for students to clean, and there is no need to worry about them being deformed by moisture when cleaning in the classroom.

5. There are serious fire safety hazards in public places. In order for students to have a safe learning environment, the desktop chairs are made of fire-resistant boards with good flame retardant performance and high safety factor.

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6. The desks and chairs are made of green and healthy materials. The raw materials meet the relevant standards and have no peculiar smell. There is no need to worry about the occurrence of formaldehyde exceeding the standard and affecting the health of students.

The above is the whole content of the material description and advantages of students’ desks and chairs. After the above introduction, we have learned that the main body of the desks and chairs is made of high-frequency welded steel pipes. The bottom plate and the surface are pasted with fireproof board. The desktop of the amphitheater is made of melamine board, and the flip board has soft and hard seats. The use of the above materials has the advantages of aging resistance, flame retardant, moisture resistance, green health and so on.