What are the methods for judging the qualifications of desks and chairs?

Desks and chairs are essential furniture for students in schools and families to study. Therefore, there are many manufacturers of desks and chairs on the market, and the product quality is good or bad, and the prices are also uneven. This has led to a lot of substandard products on the market. Shoddy under the guise of low prices, so how should we choose? The following desk and chair manufacturers have compiled some methods for judging the qualifications of desks and chairs for everyone, I hope they can help you!

Methods of judging the qualifications of desks and chairs

1. Judging from the smell

Unqualified desks and chairs will definitely smell heavier than qualified products, because the materials used in the spraying layer of the desktop and the steel frame are different, and the unqualified desks and chairs emit excessive formaldehyde and cause great harm to the human body. , You can judge whether the desks and chairs are qualified based on the smell alone.

2. See if it shakes

When choosing, you can perform a shaking test on the desks and chairs. If the shaking is severe, it means that the steel used in the desks and chairs is thinner, the welding is not strong enough, and the stability is not enough, which can also indicate that the overall stability is not enough. superior. Insufficient stability of desks and chairs has a lot of influence on children, and may even cause many bad habits.

3. Flatness of seam

Whether it is pasting wood veneer, PVC or pasting pre-painted paper, pay attention to whether the leather is smoothly pasted, whether there are bulges, blisters, and loose seams. When checking, you should look at it, and you will not be able to see it if it is not flushed. Generally, the corners of veneer furniture are easy to tilt up. You can pick the corners with your hands when selecting.

4. Integrity of edge banding

Whether the sealing edges of the desks and chairs are intact and whether there are uneven edges. If there is such a situation, the desk will be broken after using it for a long time. You should check whether there is such a situation in time after you buy it back.

5. Judging from gloss

The entire steel frame of the desks and chairs needs to be painted. If the color is dim, the painting process of such desks and chairs will definitely not be closed. There are hidden dangers, and you should not choose the desks and chairs with dim colors.

6. Look at the manufacturer’s qualifications

Look at the manufacturer’s business license, qualifications, desk and chair certification, test reports, etc. These are all essential. If there is something missing, it can be judged as a substandard product without looking at the product.

7. Judging from the design

When choosing, you should sit up and feel it. Qualified desks and chairs can fit the natural curvature of the human body and maintain the correct sitting posture. Unqualified desks and chairs can repel the human body and make people uncomfortable to sit. It takes a long time to sit. Adaptation, slow concentration. This shows that the design of desks and chairs is unscientific, not ergonomic, and unable to provide students with a scientific and healthy learning environment.

(1) The table bucket is too big

Many schools choose desks and chairs with large desks for the storage of students’ books. However, without changing the height of the desks and chairs, they can only reduce the net space under the desks and chairs, which leads to insufficient legs for students. The placement of space directly leads to the problem of students’ sitting posture, which will lead to the development and deformation of the spine of the students in the long term, which will seriously affect the health of the students. Such desks and chairs are unqualified.

(2) Can’t adjust

As the height of students continues to grow, the original height of desks and chairs can no longer meet the height of students, so for students, desks and chairs that cannot be adjusted independently are unqualified and cannot meet the growth and development of students.

(3) Complete accessories

See whether the accessories of the desks and chairs are complete, such as designing schoolbag hooks on the side of the desk, so that students’ schoolbags can be put on the ground; desks and chairs need to be equipped with noise-proof foot covers to provide students with a quiet and good learning environment. If there is no matching accessories, it can be judged as a substandard product.

The above is a detailed explanation of the method of judging the qualifications of desks and chairs. The judgment method introduced above can also be used as a method of choosing desks and chairs. When choosing to buy, we can choose the method that suits our needs according to the above methods. Desks and chairs.