What details should be paid attention to when purchasing dormitories?

For the school dormitory, the small space in the dormitory is particularly troublesome. For a dormitory with a small space, if there are too many students living in it, there is no place to put other items. If there are too many students, it will appear crowded and messy. However, if there are too few students living in the dormitory, the school’s dormitory will not be enough.

Therefore, the bed-top-down table-style modular apartment bed was born to solve this problem. The apartment bed with the upper bed and the lower table can not only create a clean and tidy dormitory environment, but also increase the storage capacity of the dormitory. At the same time, it also has the functions of other furniture.

As an important school dormitory furniture, dormitory bed and table are widely used in major college dormitories. In the limited space, students are given independent study and living space. However, there are many brands and types of dormitory beds on the market. How to choose reliable dormitories for bed and table, and purchase dormitories for bed and table. What details should be paid attention to?

1. Safety requirements

For students, getting on and off the bed in the dormitory is where they stay every day, so safety is always a priority. When choosing an apartment bed, you must look at the safety of the guardrails, ladders, and corners of the apartment bed. To avoid the appearance of edges and corners as much as possible, the corners of the student apartment bed must be rounded.

In addition, college students are already adults, and they must weigh more than 100 kilograms if they weigh less, and they may play in the apartment bed, so the apartment bed must be strong enough. At present, the sturdy and stable apartment beds are made of cold-rolled steel plates, hollow special-shaped columns, snap-on structures, and square tube and round tube beds have been eliminated as student apartment beds.


2. Look at the engineering case to identify the production strength

The project case can illustrate the strength of the dormitory bed and desk manufacturers. The project case can provide real-life photos and the name of the customer’s project. You can initially feel whether it is consistent with the introduction of the merchant. Through the photos, you will have an intuitive experience of the merchant’s products and services.

3. Cost-effective

When buying, many people hope to buy a cost-effective product, because it can save a lot of costs. The price of the bed and table in the dormitory is reflected in the material and craftsmanship. The better the material, the higher the price. The steel student apartment bed is divided into three thicknesses. Compared with the solid wood student apartment bed, the steel student apartment bed is a series of dormitory beds. High product, durable, long service life, fire-proof and moisture-proof.

4. Quality inspection report

The product quality inspection report is a report that reflects the overall quality of the product. Consumers can request to view it when purchasing products. The quality inspection report of the bed and the table will be tested from the load-bearing capacity of the bed and the material of the bed. Another inspection focus is to detect the formaldehyde content, so as not to harm the health and safety of the students.


5. Sufficient and complete qualification certificates

The qualification certificate of the dormitory bed and desk manufacturer is the accreditation certificate certified by the authoritative organization. The qualification and experience are the same, and it is the strong manufacturer worthy of your trust.

6. Sign the contract

For example, schools and companies usually purchase a certain amount of bed and table, and signing a sales contract in the process of buying and selling is a powerful guarantee for follow-up services. Delivery, installation and quality assurance services. This must be clearly determined before the transaction, otherwise it will be very troublesome in the later stage.

The above is the answer to the details of what to pay attention to when purchasing dormitories. In addition, I remind buyers that many low prices in the market are really attractive, but many manufacturers of bunk beds rise first and then fall. In fact, the prices are not. It’s cheap, but it makes you think it’s a big deal, so when you buy a dormitory, don’t just be attracted by the manufacturer’s discounts. You must compare and understand, and buy the bed and table that suits your needs.