Precautions for inspection after installation of student desks and chairs


The use of student desks and chairs in schools is very common. If there are no desks and chairs, students will not be able to study comfortably. Therefore, the infrastructure of desks and chairs is a must. Now many schools will The use of desks and chairs are regularly replaced with new desks and chairs. The replacement of new desks and chairs requires installation. After installation, inspections are required. Students can only use them if safety is ensured. So what are the specific inspections? Today, the editor will come to talk to you about the precautions for the inspection of student desks and chairs after installation. Let’s take a look!

1. Students need to pay attention to the inspection after installation of desks and chairs

1. Pay attention to check the integrity of the exposed face

When installing student desks and chairs, they are also made up of several parts. Then there may be friction and friction during the installation process, which may cause problems, so after the installation is complete, we need to correct Students’ desks and chairs should be inspected as a whole, to see if the surfaces of the desks and chairs are flat and smooth, and to see if the legs of the desks and chairs are straight and normal to ensure normal use.

2, pay attention to check the stability of the desks and chairs

The stability of the desks and chairs is very important, because normal use can only be guaranteed when they are used stably. If they are unstable during use, it will affect the student’s sitting posture, and even affect the student’s Body and mind are healthy, so it is necessary to check the stability of students’ desks and chairs.

3. Pay attention to the normal usability of the check function

In addition, we all know that the desks and chairs are for storing items, the desk pockets are for books, and the chairs are for students to sit and study. Therefore, the various functions of the desks and chairs must be in place, and there is also the problem of lifting and lowering the desks and chairs. It also needs to be checked in place to avoid problems with only use in the future.
Student desks and chairs
2. Checking the installation and use of student desks and chairs

1. The desks and chairs also need to be checked during the use after installation. Check the practicability and whether the use is safe and comfortable. In addition, check whether there are malfunctions or functions that cannot be used normally. For these problems, they must be carried out in time. deal with.

2. Pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance of desks and chairs. Some stains will inevitably appear during the use of desks and chairs. We must discover these stains in time and deal with them in time to ensure a clean and tidy desk and chair surface. .

3. Pay attention to inspection and maintenance. In addition, the purpose of inspection is to find faults. If there is a fault, then it needs to be repaired, so that normal use can be guaranteed. In addition, attention should be paid to maintenance. Maintenance work is also very important. , Because poor maintenance is more likely to cause a shortened service life, so good maintenance will also extend the service life.

The above is all the contents of the precautions for the inspection of the students’ desks and chairs after installation. The above content shows that the inspection after installation is very necessary, because only after the inspection can it be ensured that there will be no accidents in the process of use and safety can be guaranteed Use, and also carefully check during use, so as to ensure a longer service life. That’s all for today’s editor’s sharing. If you have any questions, you can leave a message or call for consultation. Your consultation and message are welcome!