Five points for attention when purchasing desks and chairs for students!

The student desk and chair set is very important in the student’s study life, because the quality of the desk and chair will have a great impact on the student, for example: the height of the student desk and chair is not appropriate, then it will be possible The phenomenon of nearsightedness or hunchback, or the smell of students’ desks and chairs is not suitable for students’ psychology, so the purchase of students’ desks and chairs is very important, so you should What should I pay attention to?

Pay attention to the environmental protection of materials

The student desk and chair sets are the same as student furniture. They are rich in materials, such as wood, wood-based panels, plastics, etc. These materials have their own characteristics, but they must be selected on the premise of being sturdy and practical. Specifically, it is required to be environmentally friendly and odor-free. The surface coating should have the characteristics of non-fading and not easy to scratch, and must choose the desks and chairs with plastic veneers or other harmless coatings, because children often come into contact with them, so for children We must pay attention to the healthy growth of people.

Pay attention to the size selection science

When choosing student desks and chairs, you must also choose ergonomics. The size of the desks and chairs should be combined with the height, age and body type of the children, so as to benefit their healthy growth. Generally speaking, the standard for student desks is 1.1 to 1.2 meters in length, 0.76 meters in height, and 0.55 to 0.6 in width; the standard for chairs is 0.4 to 0.44 meters in height and no more than 0.8 meters in overall height, which can basically meet the needs of school-age children Of course, this size is not suitable for preschool students or college students. If you don’t want to change your child’s desk frequently, choose a height-adjustable student desk and chair, so that you can adjust it according to your child’s growth at any time, so that they are comfortable in every learning stage.

Pay attention to the safety of desks and chairs

Most of the children are “adventurous”. When choosing desks and chairs for them, safety is the first consideration. The lines of the desks and chairs should be smooth and smooth, with round or arc-shaped edges, and smooth opening and closing and delicate surface treatment. Keep desks and chairs with sharp angles and hard and rough surfaces away from children. In addition, if it can be shaken when purchasing, try to shake it a few times as hard as possible. If the student desks and chairs with loose structure and swaying feeling are not necessary, choose some stable and strong ones.


Pay attention to the color coordinationIcon

The color of student desks and chairs should match the surrounding environment. Especially for children, 0~7 years old are children’s creative development, using some bold and bright colors to stimulate their curiosity and focus. Overly deep colors are not suitable. Scientific research shows that children with more introverted and weak personality should use furniture with strong color contrast; students with a more impatient personality should use furniture with soft lines and elegant colors. However, if you choose student desks and chairs, you still have to choose lighter colors, which are more in line with the school environment. In addition, it is more fresh and natural for students, and it looks more comfortable and not prone to fatigue.

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Pay attention to shape and function

If you just choose student desks and chairs, don’t choose too fancy styles. On the one hand, they are easily out of date, and on the other hand, they can easily distract children from focusing on learning. It is better to choose the one with simple shape and strong function. In addition to the problem of styling, we should also pay attention to functionality, because students still have needs when using them, and most of them are storage needs, so some necessary functions are still to be met.

The above is all the contents of the precautions for the purchase of student desks and chairs. From the above content, we can see that these items cannot be ignored when purchasing. Pay attention to it. Only in this case will it be more convenient for students to use , It will be more conducive to their physical and mental health growth and development. That’s it for today’s Ute editor’s sharing. If you have any questions, you can leave a message or call for consultation. Ute welcomes your consultation and message!