How to regulate the use of desks and chairs?

Nowadays, student desks and chairs are not only tools for our learning, but have been given other meanings on them. Watching the development history of student desks and chairs can actually reflect the importance a country attaches to education.

However, a good learning environment is fundamental to education and learning. Student desks and chairs are friends who will accompany students throughout their study life. Desks and chairs are teachers for cultivating students’ sitting posture, and a good sitting posture is the right reflection of the person’s mental outlook, and it is also an important part of observing a person’s basic impression. And a good sitting posture will also cultivate people to develop a good living habit and lofty aspirations. Therefore, a good set of student desks and chairs is essential for a person’s success. And also need to regulate the use of desks and chairs, how to regulate it?

High Quality School Table with Chair

1. Health supervision agencies and educational institutions should grasp the access standards for the procurement of desks and chairs, the allocation and use standards for desks and chairs, daily hygiene management, and monitoring of teaching and living environments, and increase supervision.

2. Change the traditional concept of one-sided pursuit of “uniformity and easy management” of desks and chairs, and improve the scientific cognition of school leaders and teachers on implementing national standards and configuring desks and chairs according to ergonomics. In accordance with national standards, each class of all primary and secondary schools is adjusted according to the actual sitting height of students, and the improper management and use of desks and chairs is rectified.

Classroom Style Tables

3. Design a variety of desks and chairs that meet the desktop needs of the new curriculum reform spirit, small class teaching, and junior high school classroom teaching. To achieve the functional requirements of not only meeting the standards, but also suitable for the placement of teaching tools, at the same time, combined with the school housing conditions, the effective use area of ​​students’ homework, operation and learning is relatively increased.

4. A supervision and management system composed of educational equipment, technical supervision, health supervision, education supervision and other departments should be established to supervise and manage the whole process of updating and configuring, ordering, production, and use of school desks and chairs to ensure safety, firmness, and safety. Appropriate desks and chairs come into the classroom.

Today’s emerging student desks and chairs are more environmentally friendly than traditional desks and chairs, but they are better in function. It is found in a variety of educational settings. As the basis for talent cultivation, it bears the important responsibility for the rapid development of education, and it also supports the future backbone of a country. It is an inevitable choice to accelerate the development of education by giving full play to the advantages of educational resources.