What are the main safety standards for school desk and chair sets?

School desks and chair sets are mostly made of wood or plastic, but now most of them are made of steel and wood. The material is safe enough for students, and durable for schools. The safety of the desk and chair set is a big problem for students and the school. If the school desk and chair set is not safe during use, it will have an impact, especially on the growth and development of primary and middle school students. Great influence, so many buyers will have questions, isn’t there a safety standard for school desk and chair sets?

1. The desk and chair size standard desktop width (left and right direction), from the original 550mm~600mm (single use) and 1000mm~ 1200mm (double use) were revised to 600mm and 1200mm respectively. The height of the backrest and the clearance under the desk have been added. The size of some parts is also slightly adjusted.

2. The lifting and adjusting mechanism should be equipped with a locking device or a limit device, which should be flexible, reliable and safe.

3.The gap between the relative moving mechanical device parts and the contact part of the human body should be ≤5mm or ≥25mm.

4. The flipping device should be equipped with a buffer or damping device, and all parts and components should be undamaged.


5. The radius of the rounded corners of the seat surface, chair back and armrest in contact with the human body should not be less than 2mm.

6. Some parts that may cause injury should not be accessible unless special disassembly tools are used. It should not be possible for desks and chairs to be disassembled at will, unless special disassembly tools are used.

7. Parts that use lubricating oil should be properly covered.

8. The metal fittings should have no unsealed pipe fittings, and the cap should not fall off easily.

9.The diameter of all uncovered holes should be ≤5mm or ≥25mm.

10. There should be no burrs, blade corners, sharp edges, penetrating nails and other sharp objects in the parts in contact with the human body and the parts where the articles are stored.


11. Empty area under the desks. Any form of desks and chairs for students must have enough space under the desks for lower limbs to ensure the forward and backward movement of the lower limbs of the sitting students.

12. The height of student desks and chairs is the height of the seat surface above the ground. The appropriate chair height should be slightly lower than the calf about 1 cm (wearing shoes). The calf is slightly higher in order to make the lower limbs focus on the entire foot, which facilitates the movement of the front legs back and forth.

13. The depth of student desks and chairs is the width of the front and back of the seat, which should be equivalent to three-quarters of the full length from the hip to the thigh. The front edge of the chair should not be angular, and the seat face is slightly inclined at an angle of 0 to 2 degrees.

14. The backrest of the student desks, chairs and chairs should be tilted backwards, and the angle between the backrest and the chair surface is 95 degrees to 100 degrees. The lumbar backrest should be suitable for spine bending and when sitting and reading, the back muscles can rest and reduce fatigue.

The above is the entire content of the school desk and chair set safety standards. These safety standards are designed to allow primary and middle school students to have suitable desks and chairs to use, which is more conducive to the physical and mental development and healthy growth of students, so be sure to follow These standards are used to make purchases. The school should also equip students with suitable desks and chairs models according to the height of the students.