School desks and chairs configuration requirements and standard introduction

For students, they spend at least 6 hours a day in contact with desks and chairs in school; when the desks and chairs in school classrooms are not ergonomic, it will not only cause adverse effects such as myopia and spine curvature, but also It will affect the concentration and learning efficiency of students. Therefore, school desks and chairs have strict standards and requirements.

Standards for School Desks and Chairs

The size and function of the students’ desks and chairs will directly affect the students’ learning efficiency and comfort. The inappropriate size of desks and chairs will affect the students’ vision, development and learning status. The national standard of “Functional Dimensions and Technical Requirements” (GB/T 3976-2014) stipulates the requirements of the desks and chairs models, functional dimensions, allocation and use of primary and secondary school students.

For students of different heights, schools should be equipped with desks and chairs of different models, which is conducive to the physical development of students and protects their eyesight. For students of different heights and stages, corresponding to different models of desks and chairs, the students’ eyes should be kept at a proper distance from the desktop.

School Desk Configuration Requirements


1. Desks and chairs should be ergonomic

School desks and chairs must conform to ergonomics, meet the physical needs of children of different ages, and ensure that students can perform activities in their seats and maintain good posture.

The desks and chairs in the classroom are no longer like traditional teachers. They simply seat the “number”. They need to be based on the national standards and the actual height levels of students of different ages (grades), and class according to the average height and height range of students. The scientific configuration of the seat. At least two desks and chairs of different heights and lows should be installed in each classroom, and one seat per person.

In addition, the school measures the height of students at least once a year, and adjusts the desks and chairs to a suitable height according to the height situation in time.

Schools that use adjustable height desks and chairs can paste the desk and chair size, hygiene knowledge, desk and chair measuring ruler in the classroom, so that students can actively adjust the use of desks and chairs that match their height.

2. Security

Desks and chairs are a kind of school furniture with a very high usage rate. In the classroom, desks and chairs can be moved and combined and adjusted at any time. The safety when using desks and chairs is particularly important for students.

First of all, when schools choose desks and chairs, in addition to their durability, ease of cleaning, and maintainability, they should also understand the environmental safety of the materials of the desks and chairs. Tables and chairs must be made of materials that do not contain formaldehyde, benzene, phenol and radioactive substances, do not harm human health, and have zero formaldehyde and no peculiar smell.

Secondly, the desk and chair components are tightly integrated, and are not easy to loosen, crack, or degummed. For desks and chairs connected with wheels, there must be a valve that can fix the steering of the wheels, so that the desks and chairs can be kept in a fixed position when they do not need to be moved.

Thirdly, for desks and chairs with adjustable height, the adjustment button is simple and convenient, and the height adjustment mode is set on the basis of ergonomic standards.

In order to protect the physical and mental health of students, fully realize the importance of desks and chairs for students’ health. As a desk and chair manufacturer, it also has the responsibility and obligation to actively respond to the initiative of the Provincial Health and Family Planning Supervision Bureau, according to the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine. The released student desks and chairs and student height model matching table are strictly produced, so that students can configure their desks and chairs to suit their needs.