How to maintain school desks and chairs?

For students, they naturally hope to use new desks and chairs, but such frequent replacement of new desks and chairs will increase financial expenditures for schools. Besides, steel and wood desks and chairs are of reliable quality and long service life. Longer, regular maintenance can avoid the waste caused by repurchasing new desks and chairs. Therefore, schools should pay attention to the maintenance and maintenance of desks and chairs.

First of all, desks and chairs are generally used in teaching places, and students are the main body of use. Schools should warn students to take care of public property and their own desks and chairs. It is forbidden to scribble on desks and chairs, or even scratch them with sharp objects. , causing permanent scars. The desks and chairs should be handled with care, and violent behaviors, such as smashing and smashing, should be prohibited.

In addition, to stop desk culture, it is not advisable to write poems and draw pictures on desks and chairs. Therefore, it is necessary to build bricks from the overall quality of students and school education.

At present, the design of student desks and chairs needs to consider many factors. The designed and produced student desks and chairs must meet the most basic three performances, and such student desks and chairs can be qualified.

High Quality School Table with Chair

1. Practical performance

This is the primary condition for the design of desks and chairs. The design of student desks and chairs must meet his direct use and meet the needs of students. This is the most basic. If the needs of students cannot be met, no matter how beautiful the appearance is Just empty shelves, meaningless.

2. Comfortable performance

This is the demand for high-quality life now. The comfort of student desks and chairs is also a reflection of the value of desks and chairs. The designed student desks and chairs must conform to ergonomics, and can also have detailed observation and analysis of life. In order to design comfortable products.

3. Safety performance

The safety performance of school desks and chairs is the most basic requirement for its quality assurance. Products lacking sufficient strength and stability are very dangerous for students. If you want a student desk and chair with a high safety factor, you must make a correct judgment on the performance of the material, and carry out scientific calculations in the structural design and node design, and strictly screen the raw materials.

Single Desk Chair

In addition, we also need to pay attention to the maintenance of students’ desks and chairs. The specific points are as follows:

1. School desks and chairs should be placed in a well-ventilated, dry place, not close to fire or damp walls, and avoid sun exposure.

2. The dust on the desks and chairs should be removed with a duster. Try not to scrub with water. If necessary, wipe it with a damp soft cloth. Do not scrub with alkaline water, soapy water, or washing powder solution, so as not to affect the brightness of the paint or cause damage. The paint is peeling off.

3. When moving desks and chairs, lift them off the ground, do not push or pull hard, so as to avoid loose or damaged legs.

4. Steel desks and chairs should avoid frequent contact with water to prevent internal rust.

5. Do not put acid and alkali corrosive substances on the desks and chairs.

6. A comprehensive maintenance of desks and chairs should be done regularly, and the time should be controlled once every two months.

The above is all the information about the maintenance of school desks and chairs. Only by paying attention to daily maintenance can the service life of desks and chairs be extended and the learning efficiency of students be improved.