How to repair damaged student desks and chairs? Maintenance method introduction

It is relatively common for students’ desks and chairs to be damaged during use, because students in their student days are more lively and active, and may deliberately destroy desks and chairs, so that desks and chairs will appear. If it is damaged, it can be repaired or replaced with a new one. However, the school’s annual budget is limited, and in most cases, it is repaired. How to repair the damaged student desks and chairs?

First, desk and chair table and chair surface damage repair

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The materials of the table and chair surface are generally three kinds of wood or plastic steel:

1. Steel is generally not damaged, but the coating on the surface may fall off, so when the coating on the steel table and chair surface falls off, it must be repaired in time. This repair is generally required. Sand and clean, then re-coat the paint and wait for it to dry before use.

2. If the surface of the plastic table and chair is too thin and brittle, it is relatively easy to damage, or it will be damaged when it is damaged by sharp objects and harmful substances such as fire. Generally, if the damage area of ​​the plastic material is large, it cannot be repaired normally. It needs to be replaced every time. If there are only scratches, or some small areas of damage, we can choose to use glue to bond, and then grind and smooth it.

3. There are also more wooden desktops now, because wooden ones can give people a fresh, natural and comfortable feeling, so they are also used more, but wooden ones are more easily damaged. If the wood is poor, it is more likely to be damaged. In the case of damaged wooden desks and chairs, if the damage is small, you can choose woodworking technology for processing, and if the damage is large, you can consider replacing the desks and chairs.

Second, desk and chair table and chair leg damage repair

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1. Steel desks and chairs The legs of desks and chairs are generally made of steel. The legs of this kind of desks and chairs are relatively strong and generally will not be damaged during use, but if they are bent or broken, they can be Replacement treatment, if only the paint surface is peeled off, it can be repainted. Another problem is the anti-skid and noise-proof pad of the steel table and chair legs. If the anti-skid pad is damaged, it can be replaced in time to ensure normal use and the stability of the table and chair.

2. The legs of plastic tables and chairs are generally solid, so that they can be used for support, but this table and chair cannot be used by older students, because the load-bearing capacity may be small, and the table and chair legs of this material have poor fire resistance, so when using pay attention.

3. The wooden desk and chair legs are more likely to be damaged, because the wooden ones are likely to be damaged by fire, water, or humid environments, knives, or even vigorous pushing and stamping. Repair small scratches, replace chair legs in case of major problems.

3. Other damage repair of desks and chairs

Others include table pockets, screws, table and chair sides, etc. It is common that the protective layer on the table and chair sides falls off, repair and replace it in time, and the screws fall off, just tighten it, and the damage to the table pocket is less. , If the quality of the wood is poor, it may be loose, just tighten it with nails.

The above is the entire content of how to repair the damage of student desks and chairs. In fact, the points that are easily damaged are the above. We only need to use appropriate methods to repair or replace them, so that the safety of use and life can be guaranteed. .