What are the characteristics of qualified students’ desks and chairs?

Students basically spend the day at school. The desks and chairs are the children’s close partners. They are necessary items to accompany the children in their learning career. If the material, size, quality, and standards are not up to standard, it will have an adverse effect on the children’s physical and mental health. .

Student desks and chairs are the basic teaching tools in the school. Schools should adhere to the people-oriented concept of ensuring the healthy growth of students, and fully realize the hazards of inappropriate desks and chairs to the growth and development of students. Therefore, qualified desks must be provided for students. Chair school furniture, then, what characteristics should qualified students’ desks and chairs have?

1. Externally concise

The design of desks and chairs should be as simple as possible and have multiple functions.

2. The design meets the requirements

It conforms to the principles of ergonomics, meets the functional needs of students, is scientific, and reduces redundant functions. Under normal and abnormal use, it will not adversely affect or harm students.

table and chairs sets

3. Security

The design should place safety in place, use waterproof and fireproof durable materials, the corners of tables and chairs should be curved, and the legs of the tables and chairs should be installed with gaskets to prevent the tables and chairs from slipping and noise during movement. The size of the desks and chairs is also Should conform to ergonomic principles.

4. Anti-aging

Our desks and chairs are not only made of wood, but also made of plastic steel. The aging resistance of the desks and chairs determines the requirement that the desks and chairs can last for more than 15 years in the wind, sun, and rain.

5. Stable environmental protection

Desks and chairs should pay attention to its quality, and at the same time advocate environmental protection, pay attention to the choice of materials, and have structural safety such as earthquakes and other emergencies for students to avoid.

6. Vividness of color

As a young group, students should use simple and bright styles and colors, such as light blue, dark green, etc., when choosing colors on the desktop.

old school desk with chair

7. The variability of surface decoration

The design of desks and chairs should be designed with slopes and grooves that are in line with human aesthetics, and a firm hook should be designed on one side of the desk for students to put school bags and other items. The desktop can be designed to be open for students to store items.

8. Transformation of structure

The design of desks and chairs should be adjustable, and students can make appropriate adjustments according to their height during use.

As the country attaches importance to the design and use of tables and chairs, parents and schools should pay attention to it together. The design of desks and chairs is the basis to ensure the stability and safety of desks and chairs, and ensure that the design of desks and chairs conforms to various scientific principles such as ergonomics, best angle of view and body pressure sharing, so as to provide students with a good learning environment , So that students can learn better.

In today’s service-oriented society, the service of desks and chairs is also of concern to purchasers. This is not only a guarantee for purchasers, but also responsible for the health and safety of students.