There are six differences between the student apartment bed and the bunk bed!

There are beds in student dormitories, so that students’ accommodation and rest needs can be met. At the same time, in the school’s accommodation environment, there are usually bunk beds or apartment beds. Of course, the name is also varied, no matter it is an apartment bed. Still bunk beds, student apartment beds, bunk beds, etc. all mean the same thing, but are they the same? Is there any difference between them? Let’s follow the school office furniture manufacturer Aoyang Trading to have a look!

1. Different structural design and appearance

The design of the apartment pays more attention to comfort, convenience and safety, and the design of the upper and lower beds is relatively simple. While satisfying the safety, it ensures the normal use and rest function. In addition, the structure is generally called The apartment bed often refers to the multifunctional combined apartment bed with the upper bed and the lower table, which is often used in university dormitories. The upper and lower bunk beds are beds above and below, without tables and cabinets. These bunk beds are mostly used in dormitories that need to save more space, so that with the same area, the upper and lower beds can be used by several students.

2. Different use occasions

The apartment bed is a combination bed with upper bed and lower table. It is a multifunctional combined apartment bed with upper bed, lower desk and wardrobe. This kind of bed has higher privacy and can accommodate more personal items, so it can be brought to students It is more comfortable and beautiful, so it will be more popular than getting on and off the bed. This is generally used in universities and higher-level colleges. Of course, it will also be used in some staff dormitories. In addition, the use of bunk beds is more common. It is generally suitable for small venues but more people, or limited budget, but most people will choose to use it. Get in and out of the bed, which saves money.

3. The price is different

The price of an apartment bed is different from the price of a bunk bed. Under normal circumstances, the price of a bunk bed may be around a few hundred yuan, but the price of an apartment bed may range from thousands to thousands of yuan, so The prices of the two are very different, and the purchase decision is made according to the needs and the budget when choosing.

4. Different functions

The use of bunk beds is often out of saving dormitory space, or because of limited budget, and the same floor space can accommodate one more student. However, the use of apartment beds is often to give students a certain degree of privacy and improvement of comfort, while also improving the beauty of the dormitory and improving the comfort of living. Therefore, the purpose of the two is the same to meet the needs of students for rest. But in terms of function, getting on and off the bed is relatively scarce, because the apartment bed can not only meet the needs of rest, but also can store and place sundries, and at the same time give students some small space of their own.

5. Different sizes

The apartment bed is a multifunctional bed, including dormitory furniture such as: bookshelves, desks, wardrobes, lockers and other daily furniture, you can study or work. The general size of the apartment bed is 1980mm*980mm*2100mm. The upper and lower bed is a bed for two people to rest, making full use of limited space and low cost. It has a wide range of applications such as schools, factories, companies and other dormitories. , Size 1980mm*980mm*1800mm.

6. Different options

The design and production of apartment beds are now more and more humane, and they are more and more comfortable when used. While satisfying the use of rest and use, the designs of desks, chairs and cabinets are becoming more and more diversified and more convenient, and at the same time color matching There are more and more styles, and the upper and lower beds are relatively simple, only the upper and lower beds and the protective fence, and no other features. Although the colors are also changeable, there are still fewer options.

From the above content, there are still many differences between student apartment beds and bunk beds. Although they are all used for rest, they have greater aesthetics, comfort, and functionality in the design and structure. There is a gap, so you still need to choose according to your own needs when purchasing. If the budget is enough and the space is large enough, you can choose the apartment bed, but if the budget is small and the space is small, you can choose to get on and off the bed. .