What should I pay attention to when customizing stainless steel dining tables and chairs in school restaurants?

In the past, many schools or enterprises had only practical requirements for the purchase of stainless steel dining tables and chairs in canteens. As long as you feel that the quality is good and the price is right, you can directly purchase the dining hall dining tables and chairs. It is often seldom considered whether these dining hall dining tables and chairs are compatible with your school/corporate environment. But now, everyone’s pursuit of practicability and comfort is getting higher and higher, thus multiplying the “personalized customization” in the stainless steel dining table and chair of the canteen.

However, many people often fall into the blind pursuit of seeing unconventional custom school canteen stainless steel dining tables and chairs, neglecting practical application and follow-up maintenance and other issues. Today, let us take a look at the misunderstandings that school custom stainless steel dining tables and chairs are easy to fall into.

School Dining Table And Chair

1. Misunderstanding

Customization does not mean randomness. It is not how the owner wants to do what he wants. The current customization generally refers to the user freely choosing materials, colors, lines, adjusting lines, planning space, decoration, hardware, etc. in the inherent craftsmanship. If the user has a new style designed by himself It is another matter that fits the consumption conditions.

2. Misunderstandings in planning

The stainless steel dining table and chairs in the school canteen should not be piled up in the dining room blindly, which will make the dining room congested. They should be placed reasonably and scattered. Don’t blindly pursue uniformity in color styles. The dining room furniture should not be made into the same color. You can choose the matching color by yourself, otherwise the space will lose the sense of hierarchy and make the space feel oppressive.

Three, communication misunderstanding

The exhibition hall and renderings are not equal to practical effects. As the house has no restrictions on planning, distance, and floor height, there is a certain difference between the exhibition hall or 3D renderings and the practical effect. Therefore, it is necessary to communicate with the designer not only to indicate my aesthetic orientation and space. Design requirements also need to express the types of customers the restaurant faces and the positioning of its own restaurant.

Six-person Conjoined Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic Dining Table

Fourth, the misunderstanding of docking

Full hosting manufacturers. This is the practice of many lazy people, and it is also a practice that has caused many tragic sequelae. Users of custom restaurant furniture should have such an understanding, respect the manufacturer’s production plan, and also pay attention to the problem of supervision and construction docking, and follow up and communicate to make adjustments at any time.

V. Sign the matter without looking at the customized contract

Be sure to look at the contract carefully. Be sure to look at the contract carefully. The content should be as detailed as possible, the rights and obligations of both parties, the payment method, the device process, the warranty service promised by the manufacturer, after-sales service, etc., especially the data related to the thickness of the data, the material used in the product, the device method and the delivery time , After-sales service for these items.

Customized stainless steel dining tables and chairs in school canteens can not only meet the user’s personalization and high-value fashion pursuit, but it is more important to effectively deal with the application problems of different venues and spaces, buy satisfactory restaurant furniture, and pursue private customized dining tables and chairs. You still have to pay attention to avoid misunderstandings at the time.

Personalized customization is becoming more and more popular. As far as the dining tables and chairs of many schools and enterprises are concerned, personalized customization is absolutely necessary, and it will become the development trend of the dining room table and chair industry in the future. With the improvement of people’s wealth and aesthetics, more and more customers are more inclined to the personalized customization mode when purchasing dining tables and chairs in canteens.