We provide customization service, if you need products tailor-made, please follow the following:


Contact the sales of our company, descript about the products you need by providing drawing or specifications. The more detailed of your requests, the better.


The sales sort out all your requests be a Paper of Customer Requests and hand it to the technical department.


The technicians confirm if the product design is realizable.

The sales will communicate with you if any changes.


The final product plan will be confirmed only with agree of you and technician.


The sales discuss with you about sample of the agreed product.

Sample confirm with customer.

The batch manufacture of the product.


Pre-sale Service

Pre-sale Service

1. Comprehensive and detailed communication with customer about customer requsts, application area situation and environmental demands, etc .

2. Based on the information from above procedure, providing the most fttable product design, technology consulting, packing and transporting plan.

3. Confirm the final production plan, sign contract.

After-sale Service

1. Installation Guide, including installation introduction in letters, pics or videos.

2. Product warranty period, according to the final products quality requests, we will give a warranty period.

3. Free accessories. free extra accessories will delivered together with the products as spare.

4. Regular fllow up about the products feedback by telephone, email, fax or on-site visit.

After-sale Service