What are the tips for choosing auditorium chairs

With the improvement of living standards, most auditorium chairs are chosen when decorating lecture halls and auditoriums. Because this kind of seat is visually elegant and tidy, it allows people to blend into the environment more quickly, and sit up more comfortably. Even if you sit for a long time, you will not feel discomfort.

However, there are various styles and materials of auditorium chairs on the market, and the prices of similar seats are very different. How to choose the correct one also makes many of us feel annoyed.

Auditorium chair

1. Material of auditorium chair

The materials of the seats are also diverse, such as the seats and backs of lecture hall chairs and auditorium chairs, which should have the characteristics of heat insulation, heat preservation, flame retardancy, sound absorption, shock absorption, anti-static, and good air permeability; The seat and back shell should be equipped with silencing holes, which can effectively eliminate environmental noise; the design of the base and some seats should pay attention to its durability and stability; the fabric should be flame-retardant, stain-resistant, and fade-resistant, which is easier to clean. Environmental protection is also very important! For the paint surface and the tripod materials, ask whether the selected materials are environmentally friendly paint and environmentally friendly materials.

2. Appearance of the auditorium chair

Whether the color and appearance of the seats can be integrated into the decoration style of the display hall: For example, the lecture hall, which is a large conference room, is mainly used for conferences or academic reports with a large number of people. Business administrations and colleges and universities place more such halls . The overall color is slightly darker and thicker. If you choose a lively color in the lecture hall, it will give people a very abrupt feeling; the shape of the seat should be ergonomically designed and comfortable, but if it is too full, it will greatly reduce the hall. The utilization rate of the space should be taken into consideration while focusing on comfort.

Stage classroom soft chair

3. Function

Common lecture halls are mostly configured with tables and chairs. With the update of technology, chairs can also replace the functions of tables. Choosing lecture hall chairs with writing boards can greatly improve the utilization of space. In addition, the speed of admission and evacuation of large conferences is also very important. Choosing seats with automatic return design can speed up the speed of conference admission and evacuation. (Note one point when choosing, be sure to choose a seat with no noise in the return position)

4. Service

Why do I need to choose a service when choosing a seat? The seats placed in the lecture hall are usually hundreds or even thousands of chairs. Basically, they are directly ordered from manufacturers. Most manufacturers will choose a good reputation. Once the reputation is good, the design and production of the seat will not be bad. Follow-up The installation and service are also relatively complete, and we can be more assured.

The above points are to teach you how to choose a suitable auditorium chair. When choosing an auditorium chair, you must first look at the place where it is placed, and then look at the seat material, appearance, seat function and manufacturer’s services. You can also write to us for advice.