Auditorium Chair

Product parameter

Size: 570mm in the middle, the net compete is 500mm; the back height of the chair: 1000mm; the seat is 700mm: the seat cushion height is 445mm; the armrest is 620mm; the front and rear rows are 900mm ~ 1000mm: The armrest is 80mm.

  • Chair, chair back housing: high-density hardwood multi-layer plate (backplane thickness: 19mm, seat plate thick: 13mm), seat size: 500 * 790mm, backplane size: 420 * 480mm seat board 100 sound absorbing holes to maintain a good sound absorption effect.
  • The fastener: the fastener, using an aluminum alloy material, compressed by the compression mold.
  • Specifications of the fastener: 570 * 350 * 40m, long competence at the bottom of the tripod: 350 * 36 * 40mm. The thickness is S35m, and the surface is first sprayed in black plastic powder. After static electricity, the convex polishing is polished
  • Sponge: use high-density rebound to foam sponges. Chair back sponge density is not less than 45kg / m3, and the seas is not less than 45kg / m3. The size of the back sponge: 480 * 740 * 120mm, size of the sponge: 500 * 800 * 160mm.