How to choose double desks and chairs? Selection skills sharing

In recent years, everyone has vigorously developed education and educational facilities have also been upgraded. They have purchased new double desks and chairs that meet the required standards for students to use. But when buying student desks and chairs, some wholesale manufacturers of desks and chairs often hear that “the more expensive the desks and chairs for students, the better the quality, so feel free to buy them.” Is this really the case? So, how to buy double desks and chairs?

1. Look at the craft material

The prices of desks and chairs on the market are different. At this time, schools that don’t know how to buy desks and chairs can choose according to their craftsmanship and materials. Generally, wooden desks and chairs have a shorter service life and may be more expensive. It is damaged due to external forces, so it is recommended to buy desks and chairs made of a combination of steel and wood materials.

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2. Comfort

The design and production of desks and chairs are mainly for students. Not only need to have the basic functions of desks and chairs, but also need to have a certain degree of comfort, to avoid children in the process of learning because of desk and chair problems and get upset and unable to study normally. The same is true for the purchase of double desks and chairs. In addition to meeting the needs of two students, the craftsmanship and technology must be ergonomic. The height of the desks and chairs, the curve of the backrest, etc. need to be designed reasonably to ensure the desks. Comfort during use.

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3. Whether it has an adjustable function

Adolescence is a critical period for children’s physical development. Great changes may occur in both voice and body shape, especially height. Therefore, in order to prevent double desks and chairs from being eliminated that cannot meet the needs of students, it is necessary to improve the desk and chair craftsmanship, try to choose double desks and chairs that can freely adjust the height, which can be effectively reduced to a certain extent. The emergence of problems such as hunchback and myopia. But it should be noted that the adjustment method should be simple and non-hazardous.

4. Look at the overall quality of double desks and chairs

No matter how fine the design, no matter how beautiful it is, if it is just a one-time consumable, it will not be worth the loss. Therefore, the purchase of double desks and chairs needs to be strictly controlled in the production, to understand whether the materials meet the national safety standards, whether they release harmful gases, and the overall structure is strong enough. On the premise of ensuring quality, it is also necessary to ensure the safety of students, especially their load-bearing capacity and firmness.

5. Choose a regular manufacturer

The strict control of craftsmanship and quality can screen out some inappropriate manufacturers. At this time, it is necessary to conduct an in-depth investigation of the market environment. Understand which manufacturers have good reputation, high reputation, less feedback, great service, fine craftsmanship, etc., and then combine their own economic strength to select manufacturers that meet the required standards. The double desks and chairs selected in this way are not only of good quality, but the probability of problems is also greatly reduced. At the same time, they also have good service guarantee.