Multimedia Classroom Soft Chair

Product parameter

Multimedia classroom soft chair technical parameters

1. Chair seat, back plastic protective shell material ABS engineering plastic with unique cellular back hidden aerosol, overall sound absorption rate 0.5, the audience can eliminate echo in 0.1 seconds to ensure good breathable performance and noise of the entire venue.
2. The bubble foam is made of polyamine lipid. According to the principle of the human body, it is formed into anti-deformation, high elasticity, comfortable and durable; the seat foam is greater than 50 kg / m3, and the back hair The foam density is greater than 45kg / m3.
3. The seat and back inner lining use hardwood splints, high-tech, high pressure, support force, impact resistance, and deformation.
4. Cloth: Adopt high quality maugprised cloth (available in multiple colors).