Stage Classroom Soft Chair

Product parameter
  • Sponge: High-density cold and sputum, comfortable and durable, the seat foam density is greater than 50 kg / m3, and the back foam density is greater than 45 kg / m3.
  • Outer seat back shell: The high-quality PP multi-element composite material is compressed by mold, with strong support force, anti-deformation, high hardness, and durability. With unique cellular sound absorbing pores, there is sound absorbing effect.
  • Station: The steel plate with no less than 2.5 mm is hydraulically, welded. The helper foot plate is stretched from not less than 2.5mm steel sheet; the seat is fixed to the floor.
  • Side panel: Chinese fiber film is sticker sponge.
  • Reply to the agency: The seat is an automated reply to make the seat can be reset. Fast reply, no noise, zero failure.