Four-person Glass Steel Dining Table

Product parameter

In the production of dining hall dining tables and chairs, the texture and texture of the materials determine the special feeling of the product’s appearance quality. Wood is a natural material, with natural texture, beautiful appearance, lifelike image, good hand feel, and easy to process and color. It is the first-class material for the production of dining room tables and chairs. Plastic and its synthetic materials have the characteristics of simulating the texture of various natural materials and have good coloring properties, but they are prone to aging and are susceptible to heat deformation. The service life and scope of use of this furniture are limited.
The material of FRP dining table and chair is furniture made by adjusting plastic as the base material. As one of many types of composite products, FRP dining tables and chairs have become more common in daily life.
FRP dining table: novel style, innovative style, reliable quality, stylish style, sturdy and durable, easy to clean, neat and beautiful, many varieties, anti-aging and anti-impact, anti-acid and alkali corrosion, anti-ultraviolet.