What factors need to be considered when choosing student desks and chairs?

Desks and chairs are the main furniture in the school class environment, and its purpose is to create a better reading environment for students and protect their health. Once again, we have shared with you about how to choose the material of student desks and chairs, so what aspects should we consider when buying student desks and chairs ?

1. Students of primary and middle school age are often active because of their young age. As a young child, they neglect the risk of physical harm to the corners of the table. As a purchaser, we should buy tables and chairs with rounded and blunt corners. , Because it can help us to a large extent reduce the injuries caused by the corners of the students.

2. Try to use environmentally friendly and durable materials for desks and chairs, such as plywood instead of traditional wooden boards, which have outstanding advantages in waterproofing and anti-deformation capabilities.

3. The length and width of the panel should be determined based on the detailed data of the students. It should not show the situation of primary school students using large desks, wasting resources, and the use of small desks by college students would bring inconvenience to students in the learning process.

4. When buying student desks and chairs, you must choose the size scientifically, and when choosing student desks and bookcases, it must be ergonomic, but the size of desks and chairs must be combined with the height, age and body type of the child. Good for their healthy growth.

5. Children who are studying, there are many kinds of books, and they need more places to put them. In order to avoid buying another bookcase, it is recommended to choose a desk with a bookcase, so as not to put too many books on the table and affect the learning time space.

6. The corners of tables and chairs must be treated with arcs, and the depth of the arcs and the positions of the two sides will directly affect the comfort of the child during learning. Sit up and feel whether the arc can bring comfort when you turn around. Is it hindered.

7. The study table and chair should be made of solid wood as much as possible. This is to ensure their bearing capacity and avoid the danger of collapse due to insufficient bearing capacity. When choosing, you can tap the desktop with your hand to listen to the sound. If the sound feels thick, it means it is made of solid plates. Also shake the desk with your hands to see if the desk shakes or makes noise.

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8. Most children have the habit of scribbling. This is the nature of children. When choosing a children’s desk, try to choose a desk that is easy to erase. Buying student desks and chairs depends on environmental protection, and student desks and bookcases are made of wood, wood-based panels, plastics, etc. These materials have their own characteristics, so you must choose strong and practical when choosing. However, the specific requirements are environmental protection and no odor, and the surface coating should have the characteristics of non-fading and not easy to scratch. Then you must choose a desk and chair with plastic veneer or other harmless coatings, but because children often want Contact here, then this is very important.

9. Student desks and chairs are safe for children. The lines of the desks and bookcases should be smooth and smooth, with round or curved edges, smooth switches and delicate surface treatments. Also, desks and chairs with sharp corners and hard and rough surfaces should be kept away from children. However, you can try to shake a few vigorously when purchasing. If you clearly feel the structure of the table and chair is loose and swaying, you can’t ask for it.

10. Student desks and chairs can choose slightly more generous color lines, which not only looks beautiful, but also helps reduce student eye fatigue.

In general, student desks and chairs are teaching tools that are in high demand in schools. The quality of desks and chairs directly affects the health of students, and the quality of desks and chairs needs to be paid attention to.