Precautions and maintenance methods for apartment bed installation

In order to facilitate the transportation of the apartment bed, the manufacturer usually splits the bed body for transportation. After the customer receives the goods, the staff will assemble it. This installation process will take a long time. Considering safety, For issues such as efficiency, school office furniture manufacturers have sorted out some precautions for the installation of apartment beds and maintenance methods, hoping to help everyone.

Matters needing attention before installation of apartment bed

1. Clean up the scene

Complete the cleaning of the installation site. Porters and installers of apartment beds have specific tasks and are not responsible for cleaning the site. If the cleaning is not done in time, it is easy to cause delays in installation time and increase labor costs.

2. Confirm the installation team

You need to communicate with the apartment bed manufacturer in advance to confirm how many people are in the team and who is in charge. This can also better communicate, improve work efficiency, and avoid unnecessary emergencies during the installation of apartment beds that affect the acceptance and subsequent use.

Matters needing attention in the installation of apartment bed

Triple Metal Bed

1. Avoid bumps

The apartment bed is a large item, and the weight is not light. At least two people can move it. When moving, pay attention to whether it will touch the wall, wipe the floor or other objects, and pay attention to the safety of the personnel. .

2. Stable placement

To place the apartment bed, the floor should be kept flat, and the four legs of the bed body should be stable and flat on the ground. If it swings unstable, the apartment bed will be slightly deformed over time and affect the service life of the bed body.

The matters needing attention after the apartment bed is installed

1. Check the integrity

After the installation is completed, the staff will check and confirm, and they must also conduct a comprehensive confirmation to ensure that everything is in place. It is inevitable to move the apartment bed during the assembling process, so whether there will be bumps and conflicts during this process, which will cause damage to the surface of the apartment bed. In addition, the installed accessories should also be checked to see if there are any missing or wrong installations, etc., in time Negotiate the solution with the apartment bed manufacturer.

2. Check stability

The fixed dormitory furniture such as apartment beds must ensure stable contact with the ground without shaking. If the shaking is caused by unevenness on the ground, the assembling personnel must be padded. If the missing parts cause the bed to shake , Let the staff adjust in time to ensure the stable use of the apartment bed.

3. Check the usability of the components

Each component of the apartment bed has its own function. After the assembly is completed, these functions should be tried out one by one, including drawers, wardrobes and bookcase doors, pulleys, cable channels, keys, handles, etc. These are all guarantees to ensure the normal use of apartment beds. If there is any problem, let the factory personnel carry out debugging or rectification on the spot.

The maintenance method of the apartment bed

The apartment bed should also be properly maintained in the later use process, so as to extend the service life of the apartment bed.

1. The use of dust removal tools

Use pure cotton knitwear as a rag for cleaning and dust removal to wipe the surface of apartment bed furniture. For the dust in some recesses and floating patterns, you can use a gold wool brush to remove dust.

2. Keep away from acid and alkali

Pay special attention to the acid and alkali that are corrosive to the apartment bed. If the apartment bed is accidentally stained with acid (such as sulfuric acid, vinegar), alkali (such as methyl alkali, soapy water, soda water), immediately rinse the dirt with clean water. Clean, and then wipe dry with a dry cotton cloth.

3. Keep away from the sun

The position of the apartment bed should be avoided from the sunlight outside the window. The apartment bed will be exposed to the sun for a short period of time, which will cause the paint color to change; the colored paint layer will dry and peel off, and the metal will be oxidized and deteriorated. If you have no choice but to remove the apartment bed due to severe sunlight, you can use curtains or blinds to cover it.

4. Pay attention to humidity

Pay attention to the indoor humidity, which should be maintained within the normal value. The apartment bed should be far away from the humidifier. Wetting will cause the metal to corrode, and the chrome plating will cause filming. When cleaning, do not wash the iron frame with boiling water. You can wipe it with a damp cloth, but do not use clean water.

5. Deal with rust

If the apartment bed is rusty, don’t use sandpaper on your own terms. If the rust is smaller and shallower, you can apply cotton yarn dipped in engine oil to the rust. After a while, wipe it with a cloth to eliminate the rust.

The above is a detailed introduction to the precautions for the installation of apartment beds. Regardless of whether the apartment bed is confirmed before installation or to the inspection and maintenance after installation, it is necessary to pay attention to the details of each step, so as to ensure that the apartment bed is safer and more convenient to use and extend its service life.

How to choose double desks and chairs? Selection skills sharing

In recent years, everyone has vigorously developed education and educational facilities have also been upgraded. They have purchased new double desks and chairs that meet the required standards for students to use. But when buying student desks and chairs, some wholesale manufacturers of desks and chairs often hear that “the more expensive the desks and chairs for students, the better the quality, so feel free to buy them.” Is this really the case? So, how to buy double desks and chairs?

1. Look at the craft material

The prices of desks and chairs on the market are different. At this time, schools that don’t know how to buy desks and chairs can choose according to their craftsmanship and materials. Generally, wooden desks and chairs have a shorter service life and may be more expensive. It is damaged due to external forces, so it is recommended to buy desks and chairs made of a combination of steel and wood materials.

AY-D 39

2. Comfort

The design and production of desks and chairs are mainly for students. Not only need to have the basic functions of desks and chairs, but also need to have a certain degree of comfort, to avoid children in the process of learning because of desk and chair problems and get upset and unable to study normally. The same is true for the purchase of double desks and chairs. In addition to meeting the needs of two students, the craftsmanship and technology must be ergonomic. The height of the desks and chairs, the curve of the backrest, etc. need to be designed reasonably to ensure the desks. Comfort during use.

AY-D 39

3. Whether it has an adjustable function

Adolescence is a critical period for children’s physical development. Great changes may occur in both voice and body shape, especially height. Therefore, in order to prevent double desks and chairs from being eliminated that cannot meet the needs of students, it is necessary to improve the desk and chair craftsmanship, try to choose double desks and chairs that can freely adjust the height, which can be effectively reduced to a certain extent. The emergence of problems such as hunchback and myopia. But it should be noted that the adjustment method should be simple and non-hazardous.

4. Look at the overall quality of double desks and chairs

No matter how fine the design, no matter how beautiful it is, if it is just a one-time consumable, it will not be worth the loss. Therefore, the purchase of double desks and chairs needs to be strictly controlled in the production, to understand whether the materials meet the national safety standards, whether they release harmful gases, and the overall structure is strong enough. On the premise of ensuring quality, it is also necessary to ensure the safety of students, especially their load-bearing capacity and firmness.

5. Choose a regular manufacturer

The strict control of craftsmanship and quality can screen out some inappropriate manufacturers. At this time, it is necessary to conduct an in-depth investigation of the market environment. Understand which manufacturers have good reputation, high reputation, less feedback, great service, fine craftsmanship, etc., and then combine their own economic strength to select manufacturers that meet the required standards. The double desks and chairs selected in this way are not only of good quality, but the probability of problems is also greatly reduced. At the same time, they also have good service guarantee.


What should I pay attention to when customizing ladder desks and chairs?

Ladder desks and chairs are often seen in university classrooms, because there are many students and the classroom space is large. Installing ladder desks and chairs can enable students in each area to see the blackboard in front. Many high schools now also install ladder desks and chairs in some multimedia rooms. Therefore, in the past two years, ladder desks and chairs have taken up a large part of the school’s procurement of office supplies.

Generally speaking, the current stepped desks and chairs are purchased uniformly by campuses. For convenience and efficiency, many campuses will go to the school desk and chair manufacturers to purchase or customize, because the desks and chairs produced by the school desk and chair manufacturers have specifications There are many kinds of styles, styles, etc., and the selectivity is very high. And when you go to the factory, you can touch the materials with your hands, feel the quality of the materials, and let the purchaser choose the appropriate lecture classroom to make chairs. So, what should be paid attention to when customizing customized ladder desks and chairs?

1. The comfort of stepped desks and chairs

The desks and chairs used in the appropriate school lecture halls allow students to sit comfortably and listen carefully without hindering the normal growth and development of bones. Regarding the design of desks and chairs, school desks and chairs manufacturers say that the structure must be very stable. It has to bear different weights of students, so it must have sufficient strength and stability to support it to prevent students from using it. A rupture occurred.

And because of the nature of the students, they may make trouble in the classroom. In order to avoid accidentally hitting the desks and chairs and causing unnecessary damage, the edges and corners of the school desks and chairs are required to be rounded to avoid sharp conflicts. The student caused injury.

College Folding Chair Lecture Hall Room Step Desk Wooden Ladder Chair

2. The color style of desks and chairs

Each school’s decoration style and school culture are different, so in order to ensure that the overall learning space created is sufficiently beautiful and harmonious, we need to pay attention to the overall style design and size when customizing ladder desks and chairs. In order to avoid some uncomfortable feelings when students use it, for example, custom-made ladder desks and chairs that can be retracted can make more reasonable use of the learning space, and can effectively maintain its overall neatness and beauty.

3. The quality of ladder desks and chairs

Although the surface of some row chairs does not appear to be flawed, after a period of use, various problems may occur. Therefore, we need to consider many aspects when customizing office furniture, such as its material, craftsmanship, and accessories. The structure, etc., will directly affect the service life of office furniture. Therefore, in order to ensure that the overall quality of office furniture is good enough, you must pay more attention to these aspects when customizing office furniture to avoid unnecessary effects on your own interests.

The ladder desks and chairs used in the school are one of the indispensable teaching tools in our student era, and high-quality desks and chairs can also enable students to have a good learning environment, and can also adjust the sitting posture of students, which will bring students to their growth. Healthy environment.

There are many materials in the production of lecture hall chairs, not only what materials are used, but also a plastic desk and chair, aluminum alloy desk and chair, and some wooden desks and chairs, and some Color steel desks and chairs, different desks and chairs, its materials are different.

How to buy row chairs for students and matters needing attention

Row chairs for school are generally used more on university campuses. In other schools, step classrooms and multimedia classrooms will choose to use row chairs. The use of row chairs is mainly because it saves space and is convenient to use, so many schools now Choose and use, but many people still don’t know how to choose and how to choose a suitable row chair? Next, the school office furniture manufacturers will come and talk to you about how to buy row chairs for students. Let’s take a look!

How to buy row chairs for school

1. Look at the row chair manufacturers

The manufacturer is very important when buying row chairs. The quality of the manufacturer is directly related to the product. If the manufacturer is not good, you can imagine the quality of the product, so you must first before purchasing the product. Look at the manufacturer, look at the manufacturer’s reputation and the scale of the manufacturer, etc., all of which can be understood if the product is still good.

2. Look at the row chair materials

Nowadays, row chairs are made of various materials, not only plastic materials, but also wood, steel-wood combined, plastic-steel combined, etc. The performance and quality of different materials are different, so in When buying, you can look at the materials and choose the right one.

3. Look at the quality of row chairs

The quality of the row chair is very important, because the service life can be guaranteed when the quality is good, so you must pay attention to checking the firm effect of the row chair when buying, and whether the parts of the connecting part are firm and flexible, if possible When shopping, you can sit on it and feel it yourself.

4. Look at the safety of row chairs

Safety is also very important. Safety is not only to be stable when used, and not easy to cause failures, but also to ensure that the materials used are safe enough and not harmful. At the same time, the corners and edge positions of the tables and chairs must be rounded and smooth. , To ensure safety.

5. Look at the design of row chairs

The height, width, depth and angle of the armrests of the row chairs should be reasonable. The seat is a device for pedestrians to rest. Comfort is very important, and the design of row chairs, including armrests, seat height, etc., needs to meet different groups of people Demand.

6. Look at other details of row chairs

In addition, we must know that row chairs are mostly used in places with a large number of people. Many people sit down and study every day. As a result, dust in the air will also be deposited. Therefore, when purchasing rows of chairs, they need to be easy to clean. Row of chairs. At the same time pay attention to the load-bearing capacity of the row chairs.
Row chairs

Precautions for purchasing row chairs for students

1. Pay attention to the height of row chairs

The height of row chairs is also very important, because many tables and chairs are functional and even divided by age, so the height of different tables and chairs is different. When we choose, we should choose the height according to the usage. suitable.

2. Pay attention to the color of the row chairs

You also need to pay attention to the color of row chairs when choosing, because the color can affect a person’s mood, and if the color is not appropriate, it will appear very abrupt, so choose the right color for the right occasion.

3. Pay attention to the environmental protection of materials

Pay attention to the materials of the row chairs and avoid some unscrupulous profiteers from making money and making money for themselves, without considering safety issues. The quality of the materials may not meet the standards, and the materials may contain harmful substances, which will cause harm to people. Therefore, in the choice of row chairs, we must choose some environmentally friendly and safe materials.

4. Pay attention to the price of row chairs

Pay attention to the price when choosing, because the price is also very important. If the price is not proportional to the overall quality of the product, it is not good. If the price is cheap, the buyer will naturally be happy to buy a product with high cost performance, and vice versa. Deceived, so when we buy, we must look at the overall price/performance ratio.

The above is all the content of how to buy row chairs for students. From the above, we can see that there are a lot of considerations when purchasing, whether it is the material, the manufacturer, or the quality, etc., all need to be considered. And pay attention to safety, environmental protection, color and price of row chairs, etc. when purchasing.

What are the methods to judge whether the school desk and chair set is qualified?

School desks and chairs sets are essential furniture for students in schools and families. Therefore, there are many desk and chair manufacturers on the market, and the product quality is good or bad, and the prices are also uneven. This has led to a lot of Substandard products are shoddy under the guise of low prices, so how should we choose? The following school office furniture manufacturers have compiled some methods for judging the qualifications of school desk and chair sets for everyone. I hope to help you!

Method for judging the qualification of school desk and chair set


1. Judging from the smell

Unqualified desks and chairs will definitely smell heavier than qualified products, because the materials used in the spraying layer of the desktop and the steel frame are different, and the unqualified desks and chairs emit excessive formaldehyde and cause great harm to the human body. , You can judge whether the desks and chairs are qualified based on the smell alone.

2. See if it shakes

When choosing, you can perform a shaking test on the desks and chairs. If the shaking is severe, it means that the steel used in the desks and chairs is thinner, the welding is not strong enough, and the stability is not enough, which can also indicate that the overall stability is not enough. superior. Insufficient stability of desks and chairs has a lot of influence on children, and may even cause many bad habits.

3. Flatness of seam

Whether it is pasting wood veneer, PVC or pasting pre-painted paper, pay attention to whether the leather is smoothly pasted, whether there are bulges, blisters, and loose seams. When checking, you should look at it, and you will not be able to see it if it is not flushed. Generally, the corners of veneer furniture are easy to tilt up. You can pick the corners with your hands when selecting.

4. Integrity of edge banding

Whether the sealing edges of the desks and chairs are intact and whether there are uneven edges. If this happens, the desk will be broken after using it for a long time. You should check whether there is such a situation in time after you buy it back.

5. Judging from gloss

The entire steel frame of the desks and chairs needs to be painted. If the color is dim, the painting process of such desks and chairs will definitely not be closed. There are hidden dangers, and you should not choose the desks and chairs with dim colors.

6. Look at the manufacturer’s qualifications

Look at the manufacturer’s business license, qualifications, desk and chair certification, test reports, etc. These are all essential. If there is something missing, it can be judged as a substandard product without looking at the product.

AY-D 39

7. Judging from the design

When choosing, you should sit up and feel it. Qualified desks and chairs can fit the natural curvature of the human body and maintain the correct sitting posture. Unqualified desks and chairs can repel the human body and make people uncomfortable to sit. It takes a long time to sit. Adaptation, slow concentration. This shows that the design of desks and chairs is unscientific, not ergonomic, and unable to provide students with a scientific and healthy learning environment.

(1) The table bucket is too big

Many schools choose desks and chairs with large desks for the storage of students’ books. However, without changing the height of the desks and chairs, they can only reduce the net space under the desks and chairs, which leads to insufficient legs for students. The placement of space directly leads to the problem of students’ sitting posture, which will lead to the development and deformation of the spine of the students in the long term, which will seriously affect the health of the students. Such desks and chairs are unqualified.

(2) Can’t adjust

As the height of students continues to grow, the original height of desks and chairs can no longer meet the height of students, so for students, desks and chairs that cannot be adjusted independently are unqualified and cannot meet the growth and development of students.

(3) Complete accessories

See whether the accessories of the desks and chairs are complete, such as designing schoolbag hooks on the side of the desk, so that students’ schoolbags can be put on the ground; desks and chairs need to be equipped with noise-proof foot covers to provide students with a quiet and good learning environment. If there is no matching accessories, it can be judged as a substandard product.

The above is a detailed explanation of the method of judging the qualifications of desks and chairs. The judgment method introduced above can also be used as a method of choosing desks and chairs. When choosing to buy, we can choose the method that suits our needs according to the above methods.

What are the arrangements of school desk and chair sets?

Generally in the classroom, the common arrangement of desks and chairs is to line up two desks and chairs together, but this is only during class. When a class meeting or an event is held, the desks and chairs will be arranged in a circle. When doing experiments, the school desks and chairs set will be arranged using the workstation arrangement method, so the arrangement of desks and chairs is not static, we can follow Different learning environments choose different arrangements, in order to improve students’ enthusiasm for learning, and make learning full of challenges and fun. The following school desk and chair set manufacturers have explained ten kinds of arrangement of desks and chairs for your reference.

1. Group arrangement method

Arrange the seats to be tightly around the side of the table, so that students have contact, can promote group interaction. However, some students need to adjust their chairs slightly to see the blackboard, teacher, and projection screen. In this way, the chairs in each group with their backs to the front of the classroom can be removed to prevent the students from turning their heads frequently.

2. Lecture hall arrangement method

The lecture hall provides a limited environment for active learning, but there are still possibilities. If the seats are movable, they can be arranged in an arc to create visibility. If the seat is fixed, ask students to sit in the middle, and ask them not to be outside the warning line. Regardless of the size of the lecture hall, students can still be grouped in pairs and apply activities that require cooperation with neighbors in active learning.

AY-D 39

3. Horseshoe arrangement method

The horseshoe arrangement allows students to have their own desktops to read and write, to directly see the teacher and the audio-visual media, and to have face-to-face contact between the students, allowing the students to sit together in pairs, and the teacher can walk into the middle of the horseshoe to deliver handouts at any time. Make sure that there is enough space between the horseshoe shapes, and it can also be a semicircle in groups.

4. The traditional classroom arrangement method

If you can’t move between the straight-line desks and chairs, you can put the two chairs in a row, so that the students next to each other can become learning partners. Try to arrange them in even rows, and there should be enough space between rows, then the odd rows The two can turn around and discuss with the students behind.

5. Formal meeting arrangement method

1. Long or round tables are more suitable for this arrangement. This arrangement reduces the importance of teachers and increases the importance of students.

2. If the teacher is sitting at the far end of the merged rectangular table, it can create a meeting atmosphere.

3. If the teacher is in the middle, then the students sitting at the far end will feel neglected, and the long table can also be arranged in a hollow way.

6. Circular arrangement method

1. Remove all tables and arrange the chairs in a circular form, which can promote face-to-face communication among students. If they are arranged in a large circle, it is suitable for class discussion. If there is enough space, students can quickly move their chairs to form a group. .

2. If students need to write at the desk, they should arrange the desk outside the circle. When students need to write, they can directly turn over.

7. There is a group arrangement method in a group

This arrangement method is suitable for the fishbowl-style discussion method. It can be used for role-playing, debate, or observation in group activities, and chairs can be arranged in concentric circles. You can also put the conference table in the middle, with a circle of chairs in the outer circle.

8. Each group of distributed arrangement method

If the classroom is big enough, you can arrange the tables and chairs first so that the groups can move to the middle of the classroom to study in turn. This arrangement method should keep the distance between the groups a little farther to prevent interference, but not too far. It is difficult to contact.

9. Armband arrangement method

The traditional inline method does not promote active learning. If the number of students exceeds 30 and there are only rectangular desks and chairs, they can be arranged in a V shape to reduce the distance between students and allow students to see things in front of the classroom clearly. The teacher can also see more students than the in-line arrangement. The aisles between the rows of this arrangement method should not be set in the middle.

10. Workstation arrangement method

This arrangement is suitable for the teaching situation of active operation experiments. Students can sit at the same table and wait for the teacher to demonstrate the teaching, and immediately cooperate in the homework. If you need to train learning partners, a workstation with two people is more suitable.

Aiming at the problem of the arrangement of desks and chairs, we have introduced ten different arrangements of desks and chairs. In daily life, we can rearrange them according to different needs to create different learning environments and make learning full of fun.

What are the main safety standards for school desk and chair sets?

School desks and chair sets are mostly made of wood or plastic, but now most of them are made of steel and wood. The material is safe enough for students, and durable for schools. The safety of the desk and chair set is a big problem for students and the school. If the school desk and chair set is not safe during use, it will have an impact, especially on the growth and development of primary and middle school students. Great influence, so many buyers will have questions, isn’t there a safety standard for school desk and chair sets?

1. The desk and chair size standard desktop width (left and right direction), from the original 550mm~600mm (single use) and 1000mm~ 1200mm (double use) were revised to 600mm and 1200mm respectively. The height of the backrest and the clearance under the desk have been added. The size of some parts is also slightly adjusted.

2. The lifting and adjusting mechanism should be equipped with a locking device or a limit device, which should be flexible, reliable and safe.

3.The gap between the relative moving mechanical device parts and the contact part of the human body should be ≤5mm or ≥25mm.

4. The flipping device should be equipped with a buffer or damping device, and all parts and components should be undamaged.


5. The radius of the rounded corners of the seat surface, chair back and armrest in contact with the human body should not be less than 2mm.

6. Some parts that may cause injury should not be accessible unless special disassembly tools are used. It should not be possible for desks and chairs to be disassembled at will, unless special disassembly tools are used.

7. Parts that use lubricating oil should be properly covered.

8. The metal fittings should have no unsealed pipe fittings, and the cap should not fall off easily.

9.The diameter of all uncovered holes should be ≤5mm or ≥25mm.

10. There should be no burrs, blade corners, sharp edges, penetrating nails and other sharp objects in the parts in contact with the human body and the parts where the articles are stored.


11. Empty area under the desks. Any form of desks and chairs for students must have enough space under the desks for lower limbs to ensure the forward and backward movement of the lower limbs of the sitting students.

12. The height of student desks and chairs is the height of the seat surface above the ground. The appropriate chair height should be slightly lower than the calf about 1 cm (wearing shoes). The calf is slightly higher in order to make the lower limbs focus on the entire foot, which facilitates the movement of the front legs back and forth.

13. The depth of student desks and chairs is the width of the front and back of the seat, which should be equivalent to three-quarters of the full length from the hip to the thigh. The front edge of the chair should not be angular, and the seat face is slightly inclined at an angle of 0 to 2 degrees.

14. The backrest of the student desks, chairs and chairs should be tilted backwards, and the angle between the backrest and the chair surface is 95 degrees to 100 degrees. The lumbar backrest should be suitable for spine bending and when sitting and reading, the back muscles can rest and reduce fatigue.

The above is the entire content of the school desk and chair set safety standards. These safety standards are designed to allow primary and middle school students to have suitable desks and chairs to use, which is more conducive to the physical and mental development and healthy growth of students, so be sure to follow These standards are used to make purchases. The school should also equip students with suitable desks and chairs models according to the height of the students.

What are the factors that affect the safety of desks and chairs?

The use of desks and chairs is generally used in schools and some educational institutions or families. The audience is students. Children from kindergartens to college students will use desks and chairs, so desks and chairs are safe. It is really important. If poor safety has a great impact on students, then what are the specific factors that affect safety?

The material influence of desks and chairs

1. With the changes of the times, there are more and more types of materials for making student desks and chairs, so there are certain safety problems in their materials, whether they are wood, plastic, or steel. The quality of these materials is uneven. Some poor materials may contain some formaldehyde substances or some adhesives. Such desks and chairs are more or less in use. All will cause some impact, which may affect your health.

2. Preventive measures: If you want to prevent this situation, you need to choose a good manufacturer. In addition, pay attention to the materials of the desks and chairs. The materials need to choose environmentally friendly and healthy materials, so that the safety is higher when they are used. We can grow up healthily. How to choose environmentally friendly materials? It depends on whether the manufacturer has relevant qualifications. Not only must there be a certificate of qualified and convenient quality, but also a certificate of environmental convenience and occupational health and safety management. These are all very important.


The overall structure design influence of desks and chairs

1. In addition to materials, the overall structural design of student desks and chairs also has certain safety issues. The corners of the desks and chairs are too sharp, or the edges of the desks and chairs are not smooth, etc., which will cause safety hazards. Students It may cause accidental injury during use.

2. Preventive measures: For this situation, we need to design the overall structure and pay attention to details. For example, the corners of tables and chairs can be designed to prevent pinching and rounding, and the edge design is smoother and rounded, only to meet these requirements. The required student desks and chairs can ensure the safety of student desks and chairs, and their structural design is reasonable enough. Students are not only comfortable enough to use, but also can ensure that their student desks and chairs have a longer service life. Therefore, attention must be paid to the structural design of student desks and chairs.


The size of desks and chairs

1. Because different students have certain differences in their height and body shape, there will also be greater differences in the use of student desks and chairs, so student desks and chairs with inappropriate sizes will also exist. There are certain safety issues, such as improper size can cause students to have hunchback and myopia, which is not conducive to the healthy growth of students.

2. Preventive measures: In order to avoid such phenomena, students’ desks and chairs must be designed in accordance with ergonomics. In addition, choose desks and chairs of appropriate size according to the age group, regardless of the height or width of the desks and chairs. And so on, we need to pay attention, and we must also pay attention to correcting students’ wrong learning postures.

The above is the entire content of the factors that affect the safety of desks and chairs and preventive measures. From the above content, it can be seen that whether it is the material of student desks and chairs, the design structure or size of student desks and chairs, etc., it will affect It is safe, so you must pay attention to choosing the right one when choosing to avoid causing harm.

What are the methods of lifting desks and chairs for students?

There are many types of student desks and chairs. Among them, the most widely used ones are the students lifting desks and chairs. There are various lifting methods, and the height and hole distance can be customized according to the height range of the students. Students can adjust themselves according to the height of the students. It can provide students with a good learning environment because of its height and comfort. Now let the school office furniture manufacturer introduce to you the methods and advantages of lifting desks and chairs for students!

The main method of lifting and lowering the desk and chair set

1. Screw lifting method

The screw lifting method is also a screw fixed type. The punching slide has a lifting adjustment function. It is divided into 8 small holes of about 10mm and fixed by screws. However, this adjustment method is difficult for students to adjust the height alone, so it is necessary to adjust the height. Two students can cooperate to achieve the desired height.

2. Air pressure lifting method

The pneumatic lifting method is that there is an air cylinder in the lifting chair, and the piston rod in the cylinder moves up and down to control the lifting of the swivel chair to adjust the suitable height.

3. Mechanical lifting method

The mechanical lifting method is relatively simple. The design principle of the mechanical lifting method is that the chair legs are equipped with gears and hand crank shafts outside, and then the table and chair can reach the ideal height by shaking by hand. This adjustment method is very simple One kind.

4. Hydraulic chair lift method

The hydraulic jack of the key part of the hydraulic lifting method is driven by the manpower to drive the hydraulic pump, which is driven by the hydraulic system, and the cylinder or piston is used as the lifting part. Hydraulic jacks can be divided into integral type and separate type. The integral pump is connected with the hydraulic cylinder into a whole; the separate pump is separated from the hydraulic cylinder, and the middle is connected with a high-pressure hose.

5. Circlip lifting method

The circlip lifting method is also relatively simple and easy to operate. As long as the circlip button is pulled, the desks and chairs can be adjusted to a suitable height. This is very practical and common.

6. Knob lifting method

The lifting method of the knob is similar to that of the circlip lifting method, except that the outside handles are different, but they are especially suitable for students, simple and easy to operate.

The advantages of students lifting desks and chairs


1. Strong adaptability

The height adjustability of the desks and chairs for students to lift is a very outstanding advantage. The desks and chairs are suitable for various heights and will not cause various diseases of students, such as myopia, etc. due to the fixed desks.

2. Cost savings

Because the height of the students’ lifting desks and chairs can be adjusted, it can meet the needs of different students, so both the lower grades and the upper grades can use the same lifting desks and chairs, and there will be no waste. , For the school, it also reduces a lot of consumption.

3. Widely used

There are a wide range of applications for students to lift desks and chairs. They are not only suitable for students to use in schools, but can also be used at home, including various re-education institutions can also choose this kind of lifting desks and chairs.

The above is all the contents of the lifting methods and advantages of students lifting desks and chairs. In summary, we can see that the lifting methods of students lifting desks and chairs include screw lifting method, pneumatic lifting method, mechanical lifting method, hydraulic lifting chair method, and circlip lifting method , Knob lifting method, etc. The lifting methods of lifting desks and chairs are diverse and have the advantages of strong adaptability, cost saving, and wide application. They have been well received by universities and families.

How to choose a good quality auditorium soft chair?

Auditorium chairs are generally soft chairs, which are more comfortable and high-value chairs. Because they are called auditorium soft chairs, they are generally used in the auditorium. Generally, the auditorium has a long time for reporting activities. It is more comfortable to use the auditorium soft chairs. It can make the audience feel comfortable and sit down to participate in the event. Therefore, when purchasing auditorium soft chairs, you must pay attention to the quality. Only in this way will it be more convenient to use. Then how to choose a good quality auditorium soft chair? Let’s take a look at how to choose a good-quality auditorium chair.

1. Look at the fabric and material

Fabric and material are very important. If the fabric material is not good, it will definitely be uncomfortable when using it. Generally, the auditorium chair will choose leather and fabric. No matter which material it is, it will not stimulate the skin. The ones that don’t have a pungent smell are good.

2. Look at the appearance

The appearance of the auditorium soft chair is also very important. The appearance is also a very important part of the design and structure of the auditorium soft chair. It is exquisite and atmospheric, pleasing to the eye, and also pleasing to the audience. The grade is also different for the auditorium.

Stage classroom soft chair

3. Look at softness and comfort

A good auditorium soft chair should be soft and hard. A chair that is too soft may be comfortable at the time, but it will be very tired after a long time. When buying, you can sit down and feel whether the chair back is moderately soft and hard, and whether the curve of the chair back fits the human spine. Whether the seat is wide and thick and fully supports the back can not only reduce the impact caused by the weight of the body when the body is sitting, the waist can relieve the excessive pressure load of the back and ensure the correct sitting posture. It can also relieve the pressure on the buttocks when desking for a long time, and relax the body and mind.

4. Look at the height

In fact, the height of a good auditorium soft chair should be adjustable, because everyone’s height and body are different, the height and angle of the chair must be different. The right height will make your legs more comfortable. If the chair is too high for a long time, it will be very uncomfortable, or the height is moderate, suitable for tall people, but also suitable for short audiences.

Auditorium soft chair

5. Look at stability

Pay attention to the stability of the auditorium’s soft chairs. Safety can only be ensured when they are stable. Therefore, pay attention to the handling of the details of the structure of the chair to know the stability of the chair. Especially for single chairs such as chairs whose legs are the main support, attention should be paid to structural problems. It is very important to check the joints such as clips and screws. Therefore, when purchasing, the user can try to sit and shake the body slightly to experience the stability of the chair.

6. Look at the manufacturer

When purchasing, pay attention to choosing a reliable auditorium chair manufacturer with a better reputation and a longer operating time, and the quality of the products produced by it is more reliable. And it depends on whether the manufacturer is from the customer’s point of view and whether it can meet customer needs. Whether the auditorium chair can be exquisite in appearance while ensuring the basic premise of quality.

The above is the whole content of how to choose a good quality auditorium soft chair. It is necessary to choose good quality because quality is very important. In addition to the quality of the auditorium chair, the quality of some accessories is also very important. Yes, including springs and handles, etc. are all very important, and they all need to be paid attention to.