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Precautions and maintenance methods for apartment bed installation

In order to facilitate the transportation of the apartment bed, the manufacturer usually splits the bed body for transportation. After the customer receives the goods, the staff will assemble it. This installation process will take a long time. Considering safety, For issues such as efficiency, school office furniture manufacturers have sorted out some precautions for […]

How to choose double desks and chairs? Selection skills sharing

In recent years, everyone has vigorously developed education and educational facilities have also been upgraded. They have purchased new double desks and chairs that meet the required standards for students to use. But when buying student desks and chairs, some wholesale manufacturers of desks and chairs often hear that “the more expensive the desks and […]

What should I pay attention to when customizing ladder desks and chairs?

Ladder desks and chairs are often seen in university classrooms, because there are many students and the classroom space is large. Installing ladder desks and chairs can enable students in each area to see the blackboard in front. Many high schools now also install ladder desks and chairs in some multimedia rooms. Therefore, in the […]

How to buy row chairs for students and matters needing attention

Row chairs for school are generally used more on university campuses. In other schools, step classrooms and multimedia classrooms will choose to use row chairs. The use of row chairs is mainly because it saves space and is convenient to use, so many schools now Choose and use, but many people still don’t know how […]

What are the arrangements of school desk and chair sets?

Generally in the classroom, the common arrangement of desks and chairs is to line up two desks and chairs together, but this is only during class. When a class meeting or an event is held, the desks and chairs will be arranged in a circle. When doing experiments, the school desks and chairs set will […]

What are the main safety standards for school desk and chair sets?

School desks and chair sets are mostly made of wood or plastic, but now most of them are made of steel and wood. The material is safe enough for students, and durable for schools. The safety of the desk and chair set is a big problem for students and the school. If the school desk […]

What are the factors that affect the safety of desks and chairs?

The use of desks and chairs is generally used in schools and some educational institutions or families. The audience is students. Children from kindergartens to college students will use desks and chairs, so desks and chairs are safe. It is really important. If poor safety has a great impact on students, then what are the […]

What are the methods of lifting desks and chairs for students?

There are many types of student desks and chairs. Among them, the most widely used ones are the students lifting desks and chairs. There are various lifting methods, and the height and hole distance can be customized according to the height range of the students. Students can adjust themselves according to the height of the […]

How to choose a good quality auditorium soft chair?

Auditorium chairs are generally soft chairs, which are more comfortable and high-value chairs. Because they are called auditorium soft chairs, they are generally used in the auditorium. Generally, the auditorium has a long time for reporting activities. It is more comfortable to use the auditorium soft chairs. It can make the audience feel comfortable and […]