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How to identify the quality of auditorium chairs?

There are many auditorium chairs and cinema chairs in the market, and people are dazzled at the exhibition, and there is no way to start when choosing. What are the specific styles of auditorium chairs and theater chairs? For those who don’t understand, they are the same except for the appearance. They don’t know how […]

How to regulate the use of desks and chairs?

Nowadays, student desks and chairs are not only tools for our learning, but have been given other meanings on them. Watching the development history of student desks and chairs can actually reflect the importance a country attaches to education. However, a good learning environment is fundamental to education and learning. Student desks and chairs are […]

What are the factors that affect the quality of desk and chair sets?

There are many kinds of desk and chair sets on the market, the price difference is large, and the quality is also uneven. If you choose cheap ones, the quality cannot be guaranteed. There are many factors that affect the quality. If you want to buy good quality products , we must first understand the […]

How to maintain school desks and chairs?

For students, they naturally hope to use new desks and chairs, but such frequent replacement of new desks and chairs will increase financial expenditures for schools. Besides, steel and wood desks and chairs are of reliable quality and long service life. Longer, regular maintenance can avoid the waste caused by repurchasing new desks and chairs. […]

How to choose the school desk and chair manufacturer correctly?

The use of school desks and chairs will have a greater impact on schools and students, so there are many aspects that need to be paid attention to when configuring desks and chairs. So how to correctly choose school desks and chairs manufacturers? How to choose the school desk and chair manufacturer correctly 1. First […]

What should I pay attention to when choosing a row of desks and chairs?

Row of desks and chairs are more common in university campuses and some multimedia classrooms. These desks and chairs are generally used for students to take large classes, which is suitable for classrooms with a large number of students. Although students who use such desks and chairs Most of them are college students, and they […]

How to choose student desks and chairs? Purchase methods and skills

Students’ classroom teaching is an important part of students’ receiving systematic education. With the continuous improvement of living standards, students’ physical development is getting better and better, but the desks and chairs used in many schools are still designed according to the height ratio of previous students. Height and width will be somewhat inappropriate. If […]

How to choose the size of lift desks and chairs?

With the improvement of people’s living standards, desks and chairs have gradually been paid more attention to by the society, from simple wooden boards to desks and chairs that can now be raised and lowered. So what is the size of the current lift desks and chairs, how do we choose? Dimensions of lift desks […]